The Binding Evolution of Accessories

One of the 2011 shelter trends is the evolution of accessories and objectification of books. As technology takes over and electronic devices contain our libraries of words, there’s a growing nostalgia around the bound beauties we call books.

Bookshelves were an absolute obsession last year, and books will be objectified further in 2011 via wallpaper, classic novels with cleverly decorated covers, porcelain books, and even the classic decorative coffee table book.

Here are five items using the book motif to add to your space:

1. Stacked Paperback Wallpaper – Anthropologie, $198
2. Hardcover Classics – Penguin, $20
3. Distressed Books – My Sparrow, $12
4. Porcelain Book Set – Klein Reid, $198
5. Heart of Darkness – Spineless Classics, £24.99 (The entire book is printed on one page, image below).

Another bound inclination of the upcoming year is the coffee table book. Electronic readers may contain the latest bestselling fiction, but the tangible perusal and visual entertainment of coffee table books cannot be contained in a Kindle. Jump start your coffee table collection with this list of fifteen irresistible reads.

Speaking of irresistible, another of my favorite accessories trends is nature photography. Last year we saw over-sized horses and ostriches grace the pages of Lonny and Vogue. The love of ostriches will carry into this year, where you’ll also see plenty of elephants – prints, sculptures and ephemera.

If objectified books or photographic animal prints aren’t your passion, scroll through the rest of the 2011 shelter trends to find design inspiration and ideas.