The Eco-Chic Lady Boss: 4 Office Bar Must-Haves

The Eco-Chic Lady Boss: 4 Office Bar Must-Haves

Since January 1, I have taken two enormous steps along the road to responsible adulthood: First, I launched a new business and, while some of my loved ones questioned the responsible nature of that decision, it felt like progress. Not long after that, I procured and installed a mini-bar for my apartment. Slowly, but surely, it seemed, I was on my way to becoming a lady boss.

As my business grows and I continue to expand my team, I realize that my beloved, 200-square-foot shared office will no longer do. In the course of seeking larger space, I’ve also begun to consider what additions might be necessary. With the final season of “Mad Men” upon us, it’s occurred to me: Every lady boss needs a mini bar for her office.

Not just any mini bar, though: A conscious, eco-friendly one, which is easier to assemble than it might sound. These four, fundamental bar staples will have lady bosses everywhere making responsible decisions: For business, and the environment.

1. Eco-chic bar cart. I’ll admit: After years of writing about organic products, sustainability and environmental responsibility, it’s never actually occurred to me that an eco-chic bar cart is something that might exist. Duh: It’s such a real thing, in fact, that EcoSalon ran this article last year profiling nine different eco-friendly bar carts. It doesn’t end there, however: Check out this more affordable Rattan Wicker Furniture serving cart.

2. BPA-free glassware. This should be old news, by now. BarLuxe, a producer of several drinking containers, boasts an entirely BPA-free selection, from its sleek carafes to its Vintage collection of wine glasses. This option might be particularly favorable for the lady boss who frequently hosts events; BarLuxe cases typically contain a minimum of 24 glasses.

3. Biodynamic wine. There remains a great deal of confusion around sustainable winemaking. My favorite method du jour is, without a doubt, the biodynamic practice. To clear up any misunderstanding (which this Food & Wine article does quite nicely), biodynamic winemaking views all the various organisms involved in the cultivation of wine’s final product as, if you will, an ecological supply chain. These organisms range from those in the soil used to grow grapes, to any other life around it, including plants, for potential integrated pest management, and cows for fertilization benefits. Want to further reduce your carbon footprint? Use this Fork & Bottle guide to find a biodynamic wine that’s made nearby.

4. Organic whiskey. Cue the “Hallelujah” chorus: Organic whiskey does exist. Koval offers no less than six variations, including the eerily clear white rye whiskey, as well as its ancient-grain-friendly spelt whiskey. Cheers!

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