The Friday 5, Vol. 21

A weekly roundup of EcoSalon’s top stories.

It’s like some dirty soap opera: An indie designer label gets knocked off by an omnipresent, fast fashion chain. The result? Copied designs are then worn by the unknowingly complicit thousands all over the world, amounting to stolen artwork never meant to be anywhere but on eco-fashion lovers’ backs. In Fast Fashion Giant Forever 21 Steals Sustainable Label Feral Childe’s Design, we scoop the unfortunate back story, speaking with the designers about the theft and pending lawsuit.

Foodie Underground columnist Anna Brones is on vacation in Sweden right now, almost off the grid – in this week’s Foodie Underground: Appreciating Simple Food, we get to sit alongside Anna as she’s forced to take the time to eat in quiet and steps away from everyday life. (She even inspired this editor to eat outside and not at the computer for lunch.)

EcoSalon columnist Abigail Wick advises that eating in is a league apart during the getting-to-know-you phase of dating. Eating in ushers a new level of intimacy to a budding relationship. “Maybe he’s dropped by your house for an aperitif before going out to dinner, which is all well and good, but preparing him a meal is a sensual and spiritual act that lends a new level of meaning to dating,” says Wick. This week’s Sex by Numbers: At Home Dinner Date offers you guidelines, tips, and even menu suggestions for your first date dining in together.

The art of a window is that it is both useful for living and metaphorical for life. In Windows to the Soul, Shelter Editor K. Emily Bond writes: “But what, if anything, is wrong with a healthy dose of window-gazing? We look to windows not just to spy on our surroundings and passersby. We look to and out of them for inspiration, color, insight – an appetizer of the world when the main course is solitude. In the spirit of our staircases worth pondering, here are ten windows into the souls of beloved thinkers, writers, artists, musicians and more.” Be prepared to be inspired.

In Is Haute Couture The New Diversity In Fashion?, Abigail Doan writes that after attending the most recent summer fashion shows in Europe, she found herself asking whether an artier side of couture might be creating “a watershed moment in the future of a more aesthetically and culturally diverse fashion?” Doan further expounds: “If we can work to preserve fading architectural monuments, tracts of pristine park land, and indigenous folk traditions globally, then we can also labor to sustain the diversity of garments and the role of haute thinking as an agent of change. It’s the business of fashion that we should be weary of, not the persistence of the imagination or the seemingly foreign nature of biodiverse materials. “

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.