The Future of Contraception for Males and Females

The future of contraception started with a type of condom.

We all can agree that contraception has evolved a lot over the years. But did you know through that evolution women have gained more control?

NeoMam Studios recently released an educational infographic detailing the history and the future of contraception. NeoMam designed the chart and LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor produced the chart.

The contraceptive chart is quite interesting. It lists the earliest form of contraception — moistened linen sheaths from 1564 — to the most common forms of contraception used today. What’s most interesting is how many contraceptive methods were geared toward males rather than females. The diaphragm wasn’t invented until 1882. Soon after the creation of the diaphragm, the vaginal suppository (made from cocoa butter and quinine) was invented in 1882 and the first IUD was revealed in 1909 — oral contraceptives didn’t show up until the early 60s.

Another interesting aspect of the chart is how it depicts the future of contraception.

The histroy and the future of contraception chart.

In the past few years, there’s been a lot of talk of new male birth control methods. The two that really sparked my interest are the following:

1. The Male Injection

Yes, fellas. This does require you get an injection into your vas deferens, but it has proven to be 100 percent effective for 10 years – 10 years! – so far. Human trials for this method begin this year.

2. The “Clean Sheets” Pill

While the prototype’s name cracked me up, this pill looks totally cool. This oral pill prevents liquid ejaculation. The pill is non-hormonal and allows a man’s muscles to contract, but allows no fluid to escape. It’s 95 percent effective based on prototypes and still in its funding stage.

The new forms of female contraceptives being tested are a new type of female condom (called the ORIGAMI female condom), an intravaginal ring, and a remote control contraceptive.

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Top image: Hey Paul Studios

Infographic: LloydsPharmacy

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