The Ritual of Water: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Luxurious, Relaxing Home Spa


I know what I want for Mother’s Day: a bath. Actually, not just a bath, but a bath experience at home and some me time to really enjoy it. Know any other moms who could use this? Check out these Mother’s Day gift ideas for the spa and tub loving mom (read: every mom).

Ritual bathing has been around for thousands of years and rightly so.  There is something so incredibly luxurious about slipping into a body of water.  Soaking in warm water actually triggers the dilation of blood vessels allowing muscles to relax and release tension.  The other component of the ritual bath is more enigmatic; a cleansing of energy and spirit. It is a way to release stress and encourage some quiet relaxation in order to be fresh for a new experience.

This Mother’s Day why not give mom a gift of time to herself by preparing a bath ritual for her? Here are our top picks for Mother’s Day gift ideas truly embody the art and ritual of relaxation.

Begin with the environment.

Make sure the bathroom is clean and free of clutter. Make it sparkle. She will find that a gift in and of itself!

Set the mood

big dipper

Light some candles – I first discovered Big Dipper Wax works candles at Whole Foods.  They are made of 100 percent beeswax, which has a lovely sweet honey smell on it’s own. Big Dipper Candles also come in ten blends that are created with pure essential oils. Aromatherapy candles can set the mood whether mom needs to relax (lavender) or energize (lemongrass and grapefruit). I always travel with one of Big Dipper’s candles in a convenient tin, the ylang ylang and tangerine combo is my favorite.

 Prepare the skin


Before getting into the bath, have mom take a warm shower and thoroughly exfoliate the skin. Clairvoyant Beauty’s Blue green Algae Body Polish contains a super-moisturizing blend of shea and cocoa butters, almond and avocado oils, as well as sea salt to gently smooth skin while delivering essential moisture. (Encourage mom to spend a little extra time on elbows ankles and knees). I love that the founder’s grandmother was the inspiration for this line!

Fill the tub, and have mom pick one of the 5 herbal bath formulas from Kneipp, Revive 5 Herbal Bath Collection that best suits her needs. These highly concentrated oils combine with the soothing powers of water to create a spa like atmosphere. Choose to awaken vitality with rosemary, and for deep sleep use valerian and hops; may chang and lemon creates an uplifting experience; juniper is great to sooth muscles; and almond blossom softens the skin. Each bottle contains enough for 1-2 baths.

Set a glass of cold water with lemon near the tub so mom can sip while she soaks.

And don’t forget to leave a clean towel with a bottle of Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil, for mom to use after her bath.  I used this light sweet almond oil blend throughout my pregnancy and still love it after my bath (ten years later).

Now turn off the phone, close the door, and let mom enjoy.

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