These Boots Were Made for You and Me


Tweed, camel, natural materials and textures, and understated elegance: could these snuggly boots be any more perfect for fall 2010?

They say all the things you would want to say if you could actually afford an outfit from those outrageous Aspen catalogs, minus the unfortunately high-wasted jeans look said catalogs still insist on, and the unsustainable manufacturing practices and materials. (You know the catalogs. Lots of shining beautiful people lounging around impeccable bedecked ski lodges looking successfully anorexic and conveniently rich in designer velvet jodpurs. It’s marvelous how many different leather-elbowed sweaters one can wear just going from vintage Range Rover to distressed leather fireplace-adjacent armchair, isn’t it? Oh, the hairspray of it all.) Distaste for daddy’s hunting trophy wall aside, we all lust for gorgeous chunky sweaters and beautiful boots to wear at a price point we can swing.

These beauty booties are a vastly more conscious approach to being ruggedly glamorous in the country (or on the porch), and they’re also just ever-so-slightly more attuned to the current economic realities at a reasonable $169 a pop. That’s not much more than a pair of Uggs, and these have the benefit of actually being attractive. Not to mention on-trend.

They’re also 100% eco-friendly, being made of natural, not synthetic, fibers like rice husks and latex. (Note: maker VivaTerra employs genuine vegetable-tanned sheepskin, so vegans will want to opt for the wool tweed version.)

They say comfort. They say clean. They say swaddled in sustainable style. And they can be yours!

To purchase at a discount you can feel cozy with, click here and enter SNUG at checkout for $25 off the retail price. That’s just for you, EcoSalonners. You can also win a pair outright by simply leaving a comment on this post. Good luck!

This is the last in my special series of fantastic giveaways from our sister company VivaTerra. I personally adore these new products and I think you will, too. Let me know if you want me to feature more giveaways in the future by dropping me a tweet @ecosalon. Contest and discount end next Thursday at midnight, so scoot.

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