Tinder’s Age Discrimination is LAME: Charging Users Over 30 for ‘Premium Service’

Tinder may be practicing age discrimination -- what do you think?

Single, over 30, and on Tinder? Cool – get ready to pay more for premium services on Tinder. While this is most likely a “savvy” business move, it reads kind of gross and feels a bit like age discrimination.

According to Mashable, the dating app is adding a premium account option called Tinder Plus. The new account option allows users who pay a premium to take advantage of the following new features:

Passport: This new features allow people to change their location and connect with people anywhere around the world.

Rewind: It allows users to “take back” your last swipe: “If you accidentally swiped left on someone you want to get to know, they’re no longer lost in the Tindersphere forever. Now you can get him/her back with the touch of a button.”

Unlimited “likes:” “Regular users may now have a finite number of ‘likes’ available to them.” If a user reaches that limit, they better upgrade…

So, why are people a tad bit grumpy about this new option? Other dating sites require users to pay a premium for certain services, right? Well, yeah, they do, but as far as I know, other sites don’t charge older users more because they are, well, older.

Tinder now charges its over-30 users double the price for a premium account… That’s totally bogus.

The price for users who are under 30 is $9.99 a month. The price for over-30s? $19.99. First off, charging $20 a month for a premium dating app account is insane. And second, it’s COMPLETELY insane that over-30 users have to pay more for these, honestly, not-so-great features.

The company says that the over-30 price kick is to lure younger users to use the premium app. Sure, that’s true. Younger people have less money than the over-30s, but this price is nuts.

Why do you think Tinder has decided to charge older people more money for the app? Do you think this move is age discrimination like this XOJane article suggests? Or do you think it’s a dumb, or totally brilliant business move?

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