Worst Dating Advice Ever: Don’t Share Too Much on the First Date

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I’m a never, non-married lady, so I’ve been on quite a few dates. From time to time, I like to peruse dating advice articles and blogs. It’s not like I glean a ton of information from these pieces, but it’s still fun – educational? – to read about dating trends. Recently, I read some of the worst dating advice ever, though.

The advice? “Don’t share too much on the first date.” What in the ever-loving heck. Isn’t the whole point of dating to get to, you know, know someone?

In my opinion, you can’t share too much on a first date. When I go on a date, I’m pretty open. I’d rather a guy “get” who I am early on than be totally creeped out down the line.

Why am I so open? Well, in all honesty, I’m a pretty complicated lady. I have a lot of opinions, I’m a die-hard feminist annnnnnd I’ve got some interesting quirks. So, if a fella doesn’t think he can handle my wonderful personality traits, that’s cool. Break free, dude! I don’t want to waste my time with you, either.

Now, I haven’t always had this opinion. When I was younger, I was more insecure than I am now. Dating was hard. I barely talked and worried what the guy would think about my nervous quirks. My dart-y eyes, my shaky hands – it all embarrassed me. Now, however, I like to let all my freak flags (because I totally have more than one) fly. While my “willingness” to showcase my quirks has gotten better over the years because, I’ve also learned that expressing myself helps me find really great guys. The more open I am, the quicker I find out if the fella is a match.

So, what’s some of the worst dating advice you’ve ever received? And do you share on your first dates? Let us know in the comment section.

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