Tiny Ways to Feel a Lot of Joy


Abundant joy doesn’t come from big spending or exhausting work. It’s a truism that many of life’s best pleasures are the simplest ones. 

-Browse through your favorite photos. It could be the pictures from your 12th birthday at Disneyland, your college graduation (so happy you were done with that!) or your sister’s wedding. Indulge in a stroll down memory lane and smile along the way.

-Set up iTunes to play only your 5-star songs. Spend a whole day rockin’ out to your very favorites. Including those embarrassing 80s hits. And don’t be afraid to hit repeat.

-Splurge on the finest dark chocolate you can find. Even the priciest chocolate bar at the natural foods store won’t set you back too much. It’s worth spending a few extra dollars to treat yourself and besides, chocolate has mood-enhancing properties so after the first few bites, you won’t mind the price.

-Give yourself an entire Saturday afternoon to read a favorite novel or try a new one. Turn off the phone and shut yourself away in a cozy corner or room of your own.

-Write someone a playful secret admirer note. Or even just a note of sincere appreciation. It always feels great to know that you’ve perked up somebody elses day.

-Walk barefoot in the grass. Enjoy these last days of summer. There’s nothing quite like curling your toes around nature’s own soft, green carpet.

This is really a tiny list of tiny things you can do; the possibilities are endless. Don’t worry, there are more to come! And feel free to let us know what brings you simple delight – share in the comments.