Totally Organic, Edible Nail Polish Finally Exists


There’s a brand of nail polish that is actually edible. Yes, you read that right.

Kid Licks is an edible nail polish brand that is completely food-based. And while you may still want to forgo actually placing this nail polish on your tongue, we applaud the brand’s move to make this lacquer that non-toxic.

The whole purpose behind creating an organic, totally edible nail polish was simple for Kid Licks: the founders, Audrey and Josh,  are parents, and wanted to create a nail polish that would be safe for their four kids to (inevitably) eat. Now, it’s not like Audrey and Josh want their kids to eat the polish, they just are smart parents and know that kids will pretty much put anything in their mouths.

“We have four kids, and around the time when our oldest daughter started getting interested in doing things herself, she wanted to start painting her nails by herself,’ Amara told Refinery29. “I started looking into what’s actually in nail polish and, since she puts everything in her mouth, I really didn’t trust her using regular nail polish or even nail polish for kids. So I thought, Wouldn’t that be great if there was an edible nail polish?”

Audrey came up with the idea of the organic polish after seeing her daughter try to eat another supposedly kid-friendly polish brand. Josh created the brand’s safe formula. He took the time to mix the product, consult chemists and food safety experts, and began the ball rolling with manufacturers and laboratories to get the product made.

All of the colors in Kid Licks come from fruits and vegetables, and the brand’s polish is vegan and GMO-free. So far, the brand carries three colors:

This edible nail polish is totally safe.

Beet Red

Made of water, organic beets, organic acacia, organic corn starch, citric acid.

Barley Grass Green

Made of water, organic acacia, organic barley grass, organic corn starch, citric acid.

Sour Carrot Orange

Made of water, organic acacia, organic carrots, organic corn starch, citric acid.

Now, you don’t have to have kids to enjoy this safe nail polish. We think it’s a great option for adults, too. If you’re interested in trying a bottle, head over to the store and snag one. Each color is priced at $13.99.

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Image of Kid Licks from the brand’s Facebook page

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