Urban Decay Plans to Empower Women with ‘The Ultraviolet Edge’

Urban Decay wants to empower women.

I’ve always loved Urban Decay for multiple reasons. The company doesn’t test on animals, it has a vegan line, and it consistently releases insane colors the make my inner-makeup weirdo smile. And recently, the company announced it’s going to embark on a new campaign that makes me love these makeup slingers even more.

Vanity Fair reported that Urban Decay launched “The Ultraviolet Edge,” an appropriately named global initiative that will fund women’s-rights organizations. Wende Zomnir, Urban Decay’s chief creative officer and brand co-founder, formed this ambitious initiative to “empower women and bring women’s inequality issues to the forefront.”

To help get “The Edge” up and running, Urban Decay will donate $3 million to various causes over the next five years (and pledges to donate $500,00 in its first year) and will partner with the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund for its initial donation.

In addition to the brand’s generous donations, Urban Decay will also publicly recognize inspiring women who it feels are making a difference. The first woman the boisterous makeup makers are recognizing is a person who is as colorful as the makeup it sells: Gwen Stefani. This is the brand’s reasoning for making Stefani its first notable woman:

Gwen Stefani. Like us, she has a history of breaking down barriers and hails from Orange County, California. (Fun fact: She and Wende, our founder, met back in the early days of No Doubt and UD.) We dig Gwen’s innate ability to set trends and defy expectations. She also shares our passion for empowering women and will help give this initiative the attention it deserves.

If you’re an Urban Decay fan, you can get in on the ladylove action, too. All you have to do is purchase it’s limited-edition hue, Enigma. This eye shadow primer is priced at $20 and 100-percent of your money will go to Decay’s Ultraviolet Edge.

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