Video Coverage from Fashion Weeks Around the Globe


Fashionistas sure got their fill over the past month, what with Fashion Weeks in New York, Paris, London, Montreal and Vancouver. t was all about spotting trends, attending runway shows, and getting to know the faces behind the brands. What else was on the agenda? Seeking out the designers – like Ada Zanditon, Stella McCartney and more – who are committed to sustainable, ethical and eco practices in the production of their lines. In case you missed any of EcoSalon’s fashion videographer Greta Eagan’s interviews and clips which highlighted the main attractions, you can find them below!

PhotobucketNYFW Spring 2011, Highlights from Day 1, The Green Shows

PhotobucketNYFW Spring 2011, Highlights Day 2, The Green Shows

PhotobucketNYFW Spring 2011 Highlights, Nolcha

PhotobucketEthical Fashion Show 2010, Highlights from Paris

PhotobucketLondon Fashion Week S/S 2011, Estethica

PhotobucketLondon Fashion Week S/S 2011 Fashion Highlights