Vintage DIY Fashion Tutorials

DIY Fashion is the latest trend, or is it?

There’s something reassuring about knowing women have been making do and mending their own fashion beyond the fairly recent eco friendly awareness. Take a look at these great vintage videos teaching utility fashion skills and glamour tips long before climate change could be an offensive term.

In this Pathé Pictorial newsreel, Anne Edwards fashion “editoress” of Woman magazine shows WWII era women how to make turbans from scarves, as hats were being rationed. As turbans are a trend again, this simple DIY project is worth attempting especially once the announcer tells us, “Why, there’s nothing easier in the whole wide world.”

Satisfy your urge for fashions must-have accessory this season by following this great instructional video from the 1920s that shows us how to make an oversized clutch. With raffia, a basket weave straw material, having been all over the runways for spring you’ll be completely up to date with a design that remains timeless after almost 100 years!

And if those how-to’s whetted your appetite for vintage style wisdom, check out this wonderful video detailing what glamor is and how to go about get it. Proving women’s busy lives aren’t purely a modern phenomenon, even pre-late night TV there was always a lot to be said for the expression “getting your beauty sleep.”


Rowena Ritchie

Rowena is EcoSalon’s West Coast Fashion Editor and currently resides in San Francisco, CA.