Wearable Technology: Can It Really Improve Your Health?

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Computers already run your life, should they run your fitness routine as well? An infographic looks at the impact of wearable technology on our health.

Technology is getting smaller, more efficient, and more embedded into our every day activities. Wearable technology, gadgets we attach to our bodies, is just around the next historical bend. Already we’ve seen smart watches and internet-enhanced glasses. Now, companies are ushering in the next generation of exercise with wearable technology that monitors and records our performance, encouraging us to greater physical fitness. But are these new technologies really necessary, or are we just making things more complicated? And where will this quest for wearable technology ultimately take us?

According to a 2013 report from Berg Insight, a telecom industry research company, about 8.3 million wearable computers were sold worldwide in 2012, and that number was projected to rise to 64 million by 2017. If correct, this means that most of us will wear some sort of wearable technology on a regular basis in the very near future.

No doubt many of these devices will be related to exercise or healthcare. Already devices like FitBit and Sony Core tell people everything from how many steps they walk in a day, to how well they sleep at night. Apps like MapMyRun and CardioTrainer replace personal trainers. Gadgets like the Spree Headband go even deeper, combining motion, heart rate and body temperature sensors to give serious athletes real-time feedback that designers claim will build strength, burn calories, and/or increase endurance.

We’re already building the internet of things, and adding wearable technology to the mix seems like a logical next step. But it’s not without risks, especially when it comes to accuracy and privacy. Scroll through the infographic below to discover more pros and cons of wearable technology.

Wearable Tech: The future of your health (Infographic)

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Top image via Spree. Infographic via InsuranceQuotes