Wearing a Dress in the Fall is Oh-So-Hot: How to Pull It Off

Wearing a Dress in the Fall is Oh-So-Hot, and We’ve Got the Tips to Help You Pull It Off

Wearing a dress when the weather turns cold is not only possible, but highly encouraged! Plus it’s the perfect canvas for layering on the cool accessories.

I don’t know about you, but wearing a dress in the fall is kinda hot – not only because it’s slightly unexpected, but you get to show off a little leg, too. Although they’ll probably be covered by tights (patterned is a plus), this definitely breaks up the monotony of wearing pants, jeans, and leggings all the time.

Whether you choose a knit, or something that you’d normally wear in the summer, keeping those dresses in rotation means less money spent on new clothes, and getting more wear out of the great pieces you already have. With accessories like scarves, tights, boots, coats, and more, you can use much of what you already own for several stylish concepts that also happen to be very wearable and down to earth.

Dresses with Ponchos

Wearing a Dress in the Fall is Oh-So-Hot, and We’ve Got the Tips to Help You Pull It Off
Photo: Megan’s Moda

Poncho sweaters and capes are popular for fall, and we can’t seem to get enough of these! They’re like the perfect layer – great over long sleeves, other sweaters, jeans, leggings, and as you can see from the photo, dresses. Throw your poncho over a dress and style it a few different ways.

Belting the waist, layering a long necklace, or several necklaces, and pairing with a felted hat are all great styling options. Fortunately, things like belts and other small accessories can be picked up from a thrift store to make this outfit more sustainable. Hell, you can even make your own no-sew poncho dress topper from an old (but good looking) blanket. Check out the nifty tutorial here.

Dresses with Socks

Wearing a Dress in the Fall is Oh-So-Hot, and We’ve Got the Tips to Help You Pull It Off
Photo: Gurl

The socks with dresses look is almost always in for fall. Whether you remember it from “Clueless”, your time at private school, or some other encounter, the whole knee and thigh-high sock look is trending, especially when paired with autumn’s “it” pattern, plaid.

Mixing the two is totally your choice (perhaps you prefer the boho look pictured above), but it would be a shame not to try the high sock trend at least once, especially with a dress.

Choose something that hits above the knee, similar to the photo, and pair with either tall boots, booties, or some other shoe, like a Mary Jane style heel. Another option for wearing tall socks if it’s really cold out, is to put on tights first, and then layer your socks and shoes over top.

Dresses with OTK Boots

Wearing a Dress in the Fall is Oh-So-Hot, and We’ve Got the Tips to Help You Pull It Off
Photo: Style Pantry

Booties, knee-high, and over-the-knee boots, often abbreviated “OTK,” are all great types of warm footwear to pair with your fall dresses. The OTK boots, however, is a trend that you don’t see worn around town very often, which is why I’m encouraging you to try it.

Not only does it look cool, modern, and sexy, but it’s also practical for keeping your legs warm when wearing a dress during the chilly months of autumn. Take a queue from the blogger pictured above in her gorgeous OTK boots, and mod style long sleeve dress. This is a great outfit to pair with a tailored trench coat, tights, and a scarf.

Dresses with Layers

Wearing a Dress in the Fall is Oh-So-Hot, and We’ve Got the Tips to Help You Pull It Off
Photo: Aelida

Tights, scarves, coats, hats, sweaters, belts, leggings, socks, and accessories are just a handful of items you can use to create the perfect layered fall look with your favorite dress. From pattern mixing to contrasting textures, layers are all about creating depth, interest, and warmth from your favorite closet staples.

If you’re adventurous, like the woman pictured in our photo, then pairing herringbone with paisley won’t phase you in the least. However, if you like to keep things less quirky and a little more classic, then picture that same herringbone coat with a mix of layers that are black, white, tan, and brown, as opposed to patterned and multi-colored.

Layering neutrals, especially in a monochromatic scheme, is one of the simplest and classiest ways to roll in the winter. With all of these extra pieces, you won’t realize it’s cold out – even in your dress.

Dresses with Long Sleeves

Wearing a Dress in the Fall is Oh-So-Hot, and We’ve Got the Tips to Help You Pull It Off
Photo: Glam Asia

Yes, ya’ll, long sleeves under dresses can and should look good. Whether you want to go ’90s throwback style by pairing a long sleeve top with a spaghetti strap slip dress, or a little more mod squad, like the model, this is not only a wearable tip, but practical, too.

One way to make this look even more special is by choosing a simple, black sleeveless dress and wearing it over a dressier long sleeve blouse. Extra points if there’s something special about the sleeve, be it lace, chiffon, or an interesting pattern.

If you’re going the plain tee route, then opt for something with a bit of stretch to hold its shape all day. Wearing this to work? Then throw your sleeveless dress over a collared button down shirt for a professional vibe. Don’t forget your tights, coats, and closed-toe heels or boots to complete the look.

As you can see, wearing a dress in the fall doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. With a handful of accessories and a little imagination, you can make just about any dress work for whatever season you’re in.

What’s your favorite way to wear a dress when the temps start to dip? Share your tips with us on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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