Welcome Back! Embrace Change and Believe in You


Happy New Year! Welcome back and get ready for a rockin’ 2013! We are thrilled that Organic Authority, LLC (the same company that publishes OrganicAuthority.com) has officially acquired EcoSalon.com.

We are gushing with all of the support and love we’ve received during this transition. We are excited to pick up the ball and continue the EcoSalon conversations and get to know all of You, our beloved community.

Personally, I love change and am so excited to add EcoSalon to the Organic Authority family. As a company, we get to dig deeper into important topics known and loved by you, such as conscious fashion, culture, design, sex, food, and tech, that perhaps we’ve only touched on…until now. And I am really excited to be able to learn from all of you. If you like a piece of content, share it through your networks on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+. Stumble it, Tweet it out, and most importantly share your thoughts with us—please!—I love hearing your ideas and value your feedback.

2013 will be a spectacular year on so many levels! The number 13 is my lucky number (despite what many say about the number 13), and is a lucky number for my family. I was born on February 13th, my mother was born on the November 13th, and my grandmother, born in 1913, would have been 100 this year. (She was a triplet! Did you know there’s even stronger luck associated with the number 13 when another 3 is involved?) So, this year is personally a very big year for my family and me; it’s one to celebrate, one to embrace—especially for women!

Thirteen is also a very feminine number. It is the lucky number of the Great Goddess, and is revered as the sacred essence of good fortune and good luck. It is the average number of menstrual cycles in a year (I thought it was 12, but what do I know? Science says it’s 13). Italy and China consider the number lucky. When Chinese women offer up their traditional mooncakes, there are always 13 on a plate to represent the 13 months in a full lunar year. In fact, it wasn’t until after the patriarchal revolution that the number 13 (and Friday) was deemed unlucky. And today, sports teams all over have embraced the luck in number 13. Dan Marino, an American football legend wore the number 13. Basketball superstars Wilt Chamberlain and Shaquille O’Neal also wore the number 13. Yao Ming wore it in the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

But who’s to say the number 13 is lucky or unlucky? You do! What you believe is your choice, and is exactly what you’ll receive via your worldviews. So, choose wisely, and make the best of your beliefs.

In 2013, resolve to embrace change. The world in which we live changes rapidly, which is why it’s even more important to: believe in You. Ask for that raise, pitch your idea, launch that business that’s been burning in the back of your mind. Stop procrastinating! There’s a reason why tech companies launch in ‘beta.’  They just do it: they get feedback from their customer, and adjust along the way (if they wait for perfection, they’ll be dead in the water).

Believe in You.

Listen to your intuition, your gut, and go for it. Ignore the nay saying voices (including the one in your head) and choose to listen to the voice that cheers you on and believes in You. In 2013, choose to live your life out loud, embrace change, and watch your life flow with ease.

I look forward to getting to know You in 2013.

Your publisher + editor-in-chief,

Laura Klein

Image: Pink Sherbet Photography