Whether You Call It Faux Bois or Fake Wood, It’s a Hot Home Decor Trend

Faux bois in home decor.

Faux bois has been a hot home decor trend for some time now, and there’s really no sign of it going out of style anytime soon.

For the uninitiated, just what is faux bois (pronounced foe bwah)? Quite simply, it’s French for “fake wood”, but faux bois sounds so much more elevated,  so that’s what we call it. But lest you think faux bois is just limited to fake wooden veneers or 1970s style paneling, think again. Faux bois techniques and designs can be found as patterns gracing everything from throw pillows and ceramics to rugs, coasters and oh so much more.

One of the best things about faux bois is it is a fabulous way to bring nature into your home, without literally bringing nature into your home. It’s possible to create an earthy atmosphere just by adding some faux bois splashes to your decor.

If you are liking this trend, there is a wonderful world of faux bois decor out there for your discovery. And as always, if you need inspiration, Etsy and Pinterest are great sources for ideas and products.

Here are some of ways you can incorporate faux bois into your home.

Example of faux bois wall covering.
Image: Wallpaper Collective

While I’m not sure that I would want to cover an entire room in faux bois wallpaper, an accent wall could be amazing. Choose something very elegant like Chene from Nobilis, which is available in four colorways. Or choose something more rustic, like the the Scrapwood Wallpaper pattern available at the Wallpaper Collective–it also comes in four colors.

Throw rug in faux bois style.
Image: Heine

Another way to go is with area or throw rugs. This example from Yoox is so graphically interesting, but it would need the right kind of room to work. This Tree Stump Slice throw rug at Heine might be easier to incorporate and it’s also a showstopper.

Furniture Pieces
Low style faux bois chair.
Image: Clayton Grey Home

Think about adding a faux bois side table, chair or bookcase.  You just might find what you are looking for out in the marketplace, like this Tuxedo Chair in Faux Bois from Clayton Gray Home, or make your own like this great faux bois painted salvaged side table project at Betsy Speert’s Blog.

Table top faux bois lamp.
Image: Lamps Plus

I also like adding some faux bois lighting accents. A table lamp (try the Oscar Faux Bois Table Lamp from Lamps Plus) is an option or go for more drama with a chandelier like Made Goods’ stunning iron faux bois Dean Chandelier.

Silverware in faux bois.
Image: Neiman Marcus

Of course, that’s just the big stuff. The really fun way to experiment with any decor trend is with home accessories. Items like throw pillows, ceramic chotchkies, coasters, candles, table linens, vases, dishes, flatware and towels are what really make a home, and there’s no shortage of faux bois home decor items to fit your taste and your budget.

And there are no rules–add a lot or a little bit of faux bois. The only parameters are the ones you set yourself!

Top Image: roddyandginger

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