Whoopi Goldberg Mixes Menstrual Relief with What?

Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elizabeth are making cannabis infused menstrual relief products.

Whoopi Goldberg is known for a lot of things… her acting, comedy, and points of view. Now, Goldberg is going to be known for her foray into alternative menstrual relief products.

Goldberg recently launched a line of cannabis menstrual relief products with Maya Elizabeth, a well-known and respected cannabis infuser. The product line is called Whoopi & Maya.

Now, Goldberg didn’t get into the cannabis personal care game for the hell of it — she did her research because she wanted to create a great product that could help a lot of women. So, teaming with Elizabeth was a no brainier.

Elizabeth had already founded Om Edibles in 2008, won several High Times Cannabis Cup awards, and has maintained a “reputation as one of the best creators of medical cannabis products in California,” the company’s page adds.

The Menstrual Relief Products

The company’s tagline, “Soak, Savor, Rub & Relax” reflects the products in Whoopi & Maya’s product line.


Like to soak your body into bliss? You’ll adore this lavender bath soak. “[The company’s] Epsom salts are produced naturally in a controlled environment so as not to disrupt the Earth or your body with environmental contaminants and impurities.”

The Epsom Salts in this product are extra potent because they are combined with cannabis, skin nourishing oils, and therapeutic grade essential oils.


Savor is a THC or CBD — buyer’s choice — infused food product that’s filled with cacao to help a woman curb chocolate cravings before she starts her period. The high-quality chocolate in this product is indulgent and rich in flavor.


This cannabis infused rub was formulated to help relieve everyone’s favorite thing: uterine cramping. This body balm contains an herbal blend that’s filled with ingredients that are natural pain relievers:

White Willow Bark: the active ingredient in aspirin.

Ginger: increases blood flow and circulation in the abdomen.

St. John’s Wart: helps increase mood.


Need something that’s fast-acting? You’ll probably dig this THC-infused tincture. This produce is made with medicinal herbs and superfoods to heal a body in pain.

I think all women can agree that it’s great to have additional medicinal options that can help ease period pain. Sure, menstruation will never be the most amazing thing ever, but it doesn’t have to be as painful.

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