Women Actually Love When Men Cry and Show Emotion

When men cry, we recognize them as human. Because afterall, all humans cry.

Remember that silly man scientist who said that girls cry a bunch on the job? Well, to that we say: who cares, ya weirdo. Women and men cry, and to be honest, most of us women find it refreshing and empowering when we see members of the opposite sex turn on the water works.

While Tim Hunt’s remarks resulted in some pretty hilarious social media reactions (#distractinglysexy is the best hashtag ever), it also yielded a few notable posts that aptly pointed out that grown men cry at home and at work. Two of the more enjoyable posts came from the masterminds at Dazed Digital.

The first post is pleasantly factual. According to Dazed, men are more apt to cry at work than women.

In an interview with the Guardian, Professor Ad Vingerhoets discussed a “comprehensive study” he conducted concerning crying at work. Vingerhoets’ study found that men were more likely to shed tears.

Vingerhoets said: ‘Three years ago we completed a survey about crying among psychotherapists. In that study, we found that male therapists seem to cry more often than their female counterparts,'” reports Dazed. “Analysis found that as many as 87.4 percent of the therapists involved in the research admitted to crying at least once in the workplace, with a higher male majority.”

I don’t know about you, but when I hear that information, it makes me trust those dudes a lot more. In my opinion, crying proves that a human has the ability to be true to themselves and empathize with others, thus resulting in a more rounded, compassionate personality.

The second Dazed article isn’t really based in science, but it sure is fun to read.

In the piece, the online magazine lists a handful or so of male movie roles where guys get tearful. The various roles listed by the site are diverse and one thing is for sure: Each film listed features a hunky dude who gets in touch with his emotions. (And I’ve got admit, after reading the list, I really want to give “Igby Goes Down” and “Romeo + Juliet” another watch.)

Do you like it when men cry? Can you think of any films where fellas cry?

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