Yerba Mate' in My Wabi Sabi


As I write this, I am sipping a cup of yerba mate’ (MA-tay), Argentina’s native tea that is not only a beverage, but an integral part of social ritual.

Ever the nomad, when I traveled throughout South America some years ago, it was easy to pick out the Argentines because they were always gathered in a circle, passing a gourd of yerba mate’ and sipping it through a filtered straw known as a bombilla. Someone always had a thermos of hot water and this little gourd of tea would be refilled and passed around for hours, keeping everybody refreshed and in good spirits. Passing the gourd was an excellent way to connect with people and make new friends.

Now I enjoy yerba mate’ in my all-day Wabi Sabi mug (set of 4, $45), and I’ve come to enjoy the drink’s green, grassy flavor and gently energizing properties. Mate’ has less caffeine than coffee and is much easier on the stomach, but still offers enough stimulant to provide energy when I need a little boost.

Image: VivaTerra

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