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Stephanie Rogers currently resides in North Carolina where she covers a variety of green topics, from sustainability to food.

Articles by Stephanie Rogers:

Get These 5 Timeless Looks with Natural Beauty Brands

Fall 2013 Makeup Trends Graphic Eyes

Timeless makeup looks are always in style. Get bright red lips and cat eyes with these natural beauty brands.

Here’s how to wear these always on trend makeup styles with a little help from the best brands in natural beauty.

Eco Friendly Products for the Office: 8 Stylish & Functional Objects

Eco Friendly Office Supplies Main

Walk into a typical office supply store and you’ll be greeted with a depressing array of cheap, generic-looking plastic products emitting the oh-so-tantalizing scent of off-gassing carcinogens. But there’s a magical happy place at the intersection of sustainability and design, where eco friendly products for the office can be super useful and even decorative, and it can be found on the Internet.  Here are 8 items for both home workstations and the office, from cradle-to-cradle desk chairs to sculptural air purifiers.

10 Best Natural Beauty Blogs

Naturay Beauty Tips Blogs Main

Want DIY face mask recipes, honest reviews of organic cosmetics, careful scrutiny of potentially toxic ingredients and spotlights on new brands? We’ve already told you about the 10 best green organic beauty blogs (including Eco Chick, Ecouterre and Fig + Sage), and now we’re adding ten more that may be flying under your radar. If you want natural beauty tips and all the inside info of the green-beauty-obsessed, check these 10 best natural beauty blogs out.

Indy Organic Beauty Products: 7 Etsy Shops for Natural Makeup & Body Care

Etsy Natural Beauty Shops



What can’t you find on Etsy these days? The online marketplace of handmade goods offers everything from the perfect 1940s fashion finds for a Katherine Hepburn look to planters made out of reclaimed shoes, and it’s a great source of lovingly crafted organic beauty products, too. Artisans around the world mix up tinted lip balm, facial oils, perfumes, bath salts and other personal care items using vegan, organic and environmentally friendly ingredients. Here are seven notable natural beauty shops on Etsy.

Modern Greenery: 6 Stylish New Ways to Keep Indoor House Plants

Modern planters main
Purify the air and add some visual flair to your home or office with modern, eco-friendly planters.

Low sunlight, the absence of most greenery and being stuck indoors breathing recirculated air can leave the best of us feeling a little blah during the cold months of autumn and winter. Little pops of nature around the home or office not only give us a psychological boost, but help purify the air. Indoor house plants also offer an opportunity to spice up a space visually with an interesting color or shape. Get inspired with these 8 modern planters, including recycled and handmade options as well as a couple cool DIY projects.

DIY Hair: How to Trim Your Own Bangs from Blunt Cuts to Side-Swept Fringes (Videos)

How to Cut Your Own Bangs

Trimming your own bangs and even your dead ends is easier than you might think.

Stylists tend to recoil in horror when clients admit to snipping their own hair at home. But while it may not be the greatest idea to give yourself a drastic new cut, a bit of a trim here and there is quick, easy and totally indistinguishable from a pro job once you know what you’re doing. Here’s how to trim your own bangs, from blunt cuts to side-swept fringe.

Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Get This Look with Natural Beauty Products

Marilyn Monroe Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

In 2013, we’re a lot more aware of where diamonds come from, and the dumb blonde act isn’t so cute anymore—but we still can’t resist the charms of Marilyn Monroe. In Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, one of her most iconic roles, Marilyn played Lorelei Lee, a woman with a passion for diamonds who saw bagging a rich guy as the only way a woman could succeed in the ’50s. Aside from Marilyn’s breathy sex appeal and comic chops, what we remember most about this film is her glamour: that perfect platinum coif, her flawless red lips and the figure-hugging costumes that are still mimicked all these years later. Here’s how to copy  Marilyn Monroe’s vintage glam look with natural beauty products.

Keep Dyed Red Hair Colorful with Natural, Non-Toxic Treatments

Conserve Red Hair Color Naturally

Red might be the boldest and most vibrant shade that ever sprouted naturally from anybody’s head, but it’s also elusive. Getting the perfect red (using non-toxic dyes, naturally) can be a difficult prospect, and keeping it is even harder, as it tends to fade quickly.

To preserve dyed red hair as long as possible, wait 24-48 hours after coloring to shampoo, and then use the four-pronged approach below, involving gentle cleansers, color-depositing products, protective styling serums, and oil-absorbing hair powders for those in-between-washing days.