Customize Your Home Decor with Handmade Goods from CustomMade

Custom made wrought iron stair railing.

Let’s say you need an engagement ring, a farmhouse kitchen table, or a new desk, but you just aren’t finding exactly what you want out in the marketplace. You know what you want–you’ve got a picture in your head–and you even come close, but nothing is just right.

That’s where CustomMade comes in–it’s an online marketplace committed to matching makers and buyers together for the creation of all kinds of custom-made goods. Successful pairings have produced products ranging  from wedding dresses and handmade shoes to ceramics, humidors, liquor cabinets and more. It’s an alternative to the Big Box world of Target and Ikea where everyone has the same cookie cutter cookie decor and furnishings.

There are two ways to get started on your custom creation: Customers can browse the catalog of more than 40,000+ items available for customization, or submit an open request for a completely customized item and wait for makers to get in touch and bid on the project.

Reclaimed pallet bed

Recent completed projects run the gamut and are pretty darn amazing. Some notable examples include the Pallet Bed made by maker Shauna Buhl,  Art Deco Sideboard made by Richard Gentry, and the Curved Staircase Railing made by Brian Hughes.

Custom made sideboard.

One of the best features about CustomMade is that they evaluate each of the makers featured on their site to make sure they are experts at what they do. Makers are thoroughly vetted to ensure they are professional and passionate artisans. They also offer up to $5000 of protection for those buyers who want a little more security in their purchases.

It’s also a great way to find a maker who is committed to greener methods than what you might find out in the regular marketplace. There are plenty of reclaimed and upcycled furniture and built-in options, which are awesome if you love the idea of reclaimed furniture but are just not handy enough to create something high quality on your own. Having a professional create customized pieces from reclaimed materials seems like a low-impact win-win that can get you exactly what it is you want for your home.

Images: Shauna Buhl | Richard Gentry | Brian Hughes


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