Behind the Mask


Holly Golightly did everything with style, including covering her massive brown peepers with an adorable eye mask and muffling apartment noises with tasseled ear plugs.

In her case, muting the senses at night was crucial to functioning the next day. A consummate party animal, she got to bed quite late after drinking and collecting money from shady men in the lounges of Manhattan. For most of us living in the world not created by Truman Capote, eye masks serve other functions: Avoiding the blue light from the TV screen when our spouse or partner insists on watching late shows or as a cheap substitute for those black out shades we so desperately need on our bedroom windows.

Companies like Fred Flare sell silk and satin replicas of the Holly mask for $14 (like the one below ) but they aren’t exactly billed as green or therapeutic, even if the false lashes are batty!


Here are a few other options to secure those rim hours using healthy materials:


So what if it looks like a little bear has collapsed on your face? The Organic Shaped Eye Pillows, $20 at Eco Bedroom, contains a blend of organically grown herbs like orange and chamomile and are made of organic cotton grown without harmful dyes. Pick from a menagerie of critters including an elephant, polar bear, deer and bunny.

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Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.