10 Infographics Exploring Love, Sex and Relationships

An infographical look at the ties that bind.

Love can be a difficult thing to describe in words. But images? That’s a whole different story. These ten infographics attempt to break down the complexity that is love, sex, and relationships through tables, flowcharts, and color coding. As for turning that knowledge into action? That’s up to you.

Can We Date?: This hilarious flow chart sure beats eenie-meenie-miney-mo.

How Facebook Affects You and Your Relationships: We’re probably all familiar with Facebook’s meddling effect on relationships, but this infographic breaks down exactly how.

The History of Love: How times have changed, especially for the marriage contract.

The Ultimate Guide to Safer Sex: Great tips from Greatist on staying safe while doing the dirty.

Look Who’s Coming To Dinner: Interracial marriage continues to become more and more prevalent. We dig it.

Breakups: The long road from hook-ups and first dates to the slow, painful death of a breakup (youch).

The 2011 Playboy Sex Survey: A round-up of fascinating facts gleaned from Playboy’s annual poll, care of The Smoking Jacket.

Community: A Map of All The Dates, Sex, Hookups, Sexual Harassment, And Other Intimate Relationships: Confused by all of the sex and relationship shenanigans in the NBC comedy Community? HuffPostTV breaks it down.

The Evolution of the Long Distance Relationship: From the homing pigeon to the postal service to the webcam, a brief history of farflung love. Remember AIM?

How To Be The Perfect Pick-Up Artist: No words… but oh man.


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Image: Luca Vanzella

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