10 Infographics on Biking

10 bike-friendly infographics.

More and more, conscious women are embracing bikes as an energizing, empowering, and environmentally-friendly mode of transport. These ten infographics make even more of a case for the two-wheeler, providing statistics, routes, tools, and tips for life on the open road. Just don’t forget your helmet.

How Bikes Can Save Us: According to this infographic, cars are killing us, so we should all move to Portland and ride bikes.

Benefits of a Bicycle: In case you needed a visualization of how awesome bikes are, this cute graphic from C.I.C.L.E. provides one.

Biking + Walking in the Twin Cities: Minneapolis-St. Paul is doing an awesome job at encouraging biking and walking, even in the winter.

Which City Is Best for Biking?: A look at which cities have the highest percentage of bike commuters… and hey, there’s Portland again.

Biking By The Numbers: A quick round-up of biking statistics from the folks at Nau Clothing.

Mountain Biking in America: An overview of America’s best off-road trails.

Biking Safety & Courtesy Tips: A road map for cyclists, drivers, and walkers on ways to safely co-exist, from Bike Arlington.

Biking in San Francisco: A case for cycling in San Francisco, in animated graphics.

Bike Commuter Map: This infographic maps out the state of biking in the U.S., incorporating statistics on bike safety, bike spending, and urban commuters in major cities.

America Bikes: More than 80 percent of Americans want to either maintain or increase funding for sidewalks and bike lanes, says this survey.


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Image: Steve McDonald

Jessica Marati

Jessica Marati currently resides in New York City and covers travel and sustainability for EcoSalon. Catch her weekly column, Behind the Label.