10 Infographics On Energy

The global energy crisis for dummies.

It’s clear we have a global energy crisis on our hands, but few people know much beyond that. This series of infographics breaks it down, with important information about world energy supplies, global petroleum prices, and the cost savings of switching to alternative energy sources. Do your part and get informed.

Renewable Energy: A newbie’s guide filled with fun statistics.

An Illustrated History of Energy: How far we’ve come.

The Home That Makes You Money: See how switching to alternative energy can actually make you a profit.

The True Cost of Lighting: You’ll definitely switch to a more energy-efficient bulb after checking out this infographic.

World Energy Supply: A look at shifting energy supplies from 1971 to 2030.

Top Ten Cheapest World Petrol Prices: If this depresses you, just be thankful you’re not in Norway.

Renewable Energy Sources: Compare different renewable energy sources with this nifty interactive infographic from GOOD. [click for interaction]

9 Surprising Things About People Who Go Solar: Most are religious dudes who love cars and air conditioning.

Global Investment in Clean Energy: How the rest of the world is addressing this issue.

Energy Consumption Over a Lifetime: We generate about 215 elephants worth of carbon dioxide in our lifetime, and other fun facts.


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Image: Daniel X. O’Neil

Jessica Marati

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