10 Oscar-Worthy Infographics on the Film Industry

Get your popcorn out.

In this week’s infographic installment, we tackle the big business of film. Whether it’s breaking down famous quotes into pie charts, tracking the appearance of Apple products as extras, or highlighting how studios are greening their operations, these infographics feature different various facets of the movie industry with facts, humor, and lots of color-coding. Cue applause.

The Most Popular Movies of All Time: See if you can match the movie with the quote in this colorful round-up of the industry’s highest-grossing films.

Hollywood Goes Green: A look at how different film studios are adopting more environmentally-friendly practices.

Apple Products Throughout Film History: Check out how the Macintosh has played a supporting role in films from “Back to the Future” to “Sex and the City.”

The Best Movies of All Time Map: Take the top 250 films of all time, break them down by genre, and see where they intersect in this subway map-style infographic.

Film Industry by the Numbers: The dollars and cents of the multi-billion dollar movie business.

Famous Movie Quotes: A graphic interpretation of film’s most famous sayings.

Famous Movie Quotes, Part 2: The first was so good, they had to make a sequel.

The 12 Movies With the Dirtiest Mouths: As measured by use of the f-bomb.

The Future According to Films: Looks pretty bleak.

How To Make A Movie: A humorous flow-chart on the real business of movie making, as only the French can do.


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Jessica Marati

Jessica Marati currently resides in New York City and covers travel and sustainability for EcoSalon. Catch her weekly column, Behind the Label.