100 Percent Cotton Tampons Take the Suckiness Out of Getting Your Period

These Chic New Tampons Take the Suckiness Out of Getting Your Period

Tampons made easy: Meet Lola, the 100 percent cotton tampons that come through a subscription service of your (period’s) dreams.

If you’ve ever wondered what tampons are made of, you’re not alone: After Jordana Kier and Alex Friedman searched for answers and came up empty, they decided to launch Lola—a customizable subscription service that sells tampons made of 100 percent cotton. Period.

“The more we started doing research around the ingredients and what was actually in the products, the more we realized we couldn’t figure it out,” Kier told Elle. “It’s hard to know what the composition is because cotton supply changes every single year, and nobody has to say what the breakdown is.”

The company, which launched last week, has our ovaries all aflutter. Besides the tampons themselves being made of body-friendly cotton, the applicators are made of BPA-free, recyclable plastic. And you know that thing where you buy a variety pack of tampons, only to be left with too many “super” and not enough “light”? Lola puts the kibosh on that too, giving you the option to customize your order based on your flow.

Each box comes with 18 tampons in the absorbencies of your choosing (a mixture of light, regular, and super), and you can choose to receive your subscription on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. If you need to make adjustments to your order—for example, skip a month or pause your subscription entirely—you can do so and not have to worry about additional service charges.

The service only costs $10 per box or $18 for two with free shipping anywhere in the U.S. New subscribers can score a two-box order for only $9! So really, what’s not to love? You’ll be doing your body and the environment a solid, while putting your tampon shopping on auto-pilot. (Translation: no more awkward emergency outings at three in the morning.)

Best of all, Lola is relatable. Instead of the too-pink, too-floral boxes and the annoying commercials of women twirling in white dresses, Lola cuts the crap: The tampons are delivered in chic, minimalist packaging that’s classy enough to leave out in the open—because while getting your period is no biggie, it’d be nice if the packaging didn’t scream “MENSIES!” to everyone who enters your bathroom.

And if you’re not a big fan of tampons, don’t fret: Word is Lola is planning to expand into other feminine hygiene products in the future. Cha. Ching.

What’s your biggest pet peeve about tampons?

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