11 Cabin Decor Ideas Perfect Enough to Recreate At Home

Get the cabin decor.

 Love the look of cabin decor, but aren’t lucky enough to live in one?

Turn your space into a rustic dream with these simple ways to implement cabin decor in any space.

11 Easy Cabin Decor Ideas

1. Wood Planks on Walls – Whether you live in a 3rd-floor walkup or a single-family home in the burbs, adding wooden plank accent walls can help transform your home into a more rustic space. You can try Stikwood to get the look, which is a peel and stick reclaimed and sustainable wood planking

2. Slab Table – If you live in a rental, one easy way to add the warmth and the rustic beauty of wood without having to mess with the walls is with slab wood furniture. A slab dining table would make quite a cabin-y statement.

3. Hanging Pots and Pans – It seems that one of the hallmarks of a cabin in the woods is the hanging pots and pans in the kitchen. Recreate the look in your kitchen for that authentic feel.

4. Natural History Collections – The next time you go out for a walk bring back some nature back with you to create your own natural history collections. Stones, acorns, leaves, dried flowers, branches are a great way to remember your journey and decorate with nature.

5. Burl Bowls – Want to make your pad look like a cabin? Throw around some burl wood bowls as functional accent pieces.

6. Nature-Inspired Curtains – Simulate the look of nature just outside your window with some nature printed curtains.

7. Woodland Creatures Throw Pillows – Instead of spotting owls, foxes, and deer on a hike in the woods, decorate your living spaces with woodland-themed throw pillows.

8. Pallet Coffee Table – Turn an old pallet into a rustic coffee table with just a little bit of elbow grease. Get inspired to do it with this pretty tutorial.

9. Natural Colors – When trying to recreate the cabin decor look, consider sticking to shades found in the woods. Colors like linen, forest, shell, redwood.

10. Quilts – Intricately sewn and gorgeously patterned quilts are a mainstay in most cozy cabins, use quilts as wall hangings or even throws to get the feel of that coziness in your home.

11. Faux Antlers – Faux antlers are a definite signal of cabin decor and no animals need be harmed in the making!

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