7 Quirky Ideas for Repurposing Vintage Home Decor Goods

Turn vintgae goods into repurposed vintage home decor.

Repurpose vintage home decor goods because it looks cool–and because it’s better for the environment.

No matter what your decorating style, there is always room to repurpose vintage home decor goods to add both form and functionality. Whether your space can be more accurately described rustic, boho, modern country, Scandinavian, mid-century, or is actually just a mishmash of leftover college furniture and whatever your neighbors have put out on the curb, get inspired to repurpose with vintage home decor goods.

Almost everything can be reused or repurposed. From the ubiquitous mason jars to the more elusive letterpress type cabinets, and everything in between, all you need is a little imagination and inspiration to give vintage goods new life. You are on your own for the imagination part, but we have got the inspiration covered for you here!

Finding vintage goods is as easy as checking out your local thrift shops, estate sales, yard sales, CraigsList, Freecycle, and even Etsy and Ebay.

Repurposed Vintage Home Decor Goods


1. Picnic Coolers – Take the lid off (keeping it on could pose a risk for children and pets) and this 40-year-old Coleman Picnic Cooler could work as a great storage spot for everything from magazines and children’s books to yarn and recycling.

Pie Safe

2. Pie Safes – Pie safes were used to keep pies and other baked goods fresh back in the days before refrigeration and air conditioning. This tin tabletop or counter version would add some vintage chic to your space and would be a clever place to store spices in the kitchen.

Vintage Decor

3. Vintage Mirrors – Glam up your space with the addition of vintage mirrors instead of buying new ones from some big box store. Pick a design period that will match well with your decorating style.

Vintage Map

4. Old Maps – Looking to wallpaper a room or a to decoupage a piece of furniture? Consider using vintage maps instead. Or use old maps to create unique DIY wall art. Troll yard sales, barn sales, and more for unique map finds. This vintage pull down style school map would make for a real conversation piece.


5. Vintage Suitcases – Old suitcases can be repurposed in a number of ways. Use them as under the bed storage containers, turn a stack of them into a functional occasional table, or even use them as shelves for all your bric-a-brac and knickknacks.

Turn vintgae goods into repurposed vintage home decor.

6. Sewing Machine Tables – Old sewing machine tables are infinitely useful if you want to get crafty. They can be used for everything from bathroom vanities to a drink station like this repurposed example.

Turn vintgae goods into repurposed vintage home decor.

7. Metal Headboards – Metal bedsteads can be repainted and used as headboards or turned into decorative wall art, room dividers, used for hanging jewelry storage, or as a garden trellis.

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Images: Upcycled Luggage via The Blue Ram, Picnic Cooler via Troys Collectibles, Pie Safe via Red River Antiques, Vintage Art Deco Mirror via uulipolli, Vintage Map via old new house, Suitcase Shelves via the cherry chic, Repurposed Sewing Bar via Double Arrow Designs, Metal Headboard Trellis via Casa e Jardim

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