11 Hipster Cocktail Recipes You Can Make At Home

hipster cocktail recipes

11 cocktail recipes for the hippest happy hour in town.

Been finding a whole lot of infusions and craft spirits on the drink menu lately? Cocktails are having a comeback (did they ever really leave) and that means good drinks, served strong. Fortunately, you don’t have to hit up the bar to drink them. You may think your only option for the at-home bar is a dirty martini, but think again: hipster cocktail recipes are just a few infused simple syrups and specialty spirits away.

For those looking to be their own innovative bartender, here are 11 cocktail recipes to make sure you stay on top of the cocktail trend. Mustaches and bartender vests not included.

1. The Three-Ingredient Cocktails

Simplicity is sexy, and the first thing on your list should be to master some classic cocktail recipes, like a Manhattan, Negroni or an Old Fashioned. Why go overboard with ingredients when you can keep it three and under? Look for locally distilled spirits to keep it as hip as possible.

2. Death in the Afternoon

So you were looking for a way to drink absinthe that didn’t involve sugar cubes and fire? Then here’s the cocktail for you: absinthe and champagne, go.

3. Elderflower and Lime Martini

Elderflower cordial seems to be popping up in lots of cocktail recipes these days. Mixed with lime juice, it provides for a refreshing twist on a classic martini.

moscow mules

4. Cardamom Moscow Mule

Made popular during the vodka craze of the 1950s, a Moscow Mule cocktail recipes typically involve vodka, ginger beer and lime. And what better way to modernize it than with a homemade, cardamom infused ginger ale? For authenticity, find a set of traditional copper mugs before you serve it.

5. The Pickleback

This drink combo pairs two foodie loves: good whiskey and pickling. Yes, all this is is a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle brine, which of course you should have plenty of on hand, because you’ve been pickling your own dills for quite some time now, right?

6. Mezcal & Mayhem

Want cocktail recipes that prove your booze prowess? Skip the tequila and go for the mexcal instead. Made by roasting agave hearts, mezcal has a deep, smoky flavor. In this recipe, which blends little Campari and a Belgian trippel-style beer, you’re sure to win the hearts of those in search of a distinct drink.


7. The Blood & Sand

Scotch in a cocktail? Scotch purists may shudder in shame, but if you need a gentle introduction to drinking scotch this can be a good place to start. Make it by mixing the peaty drink with orange juice and sweet vermouth.

8. Sage and Peppercorn Old Fashioned

Herb-infused cocktail recipes are gaining in popularity, especially those that use savory herbs that most of us would associate with dinner dishes. Take sage for example: in this cocktail, sage leaves are paired with bitters and rye whiskey for a cocktail that screams of autumn.


9. Carrot Beet Shrub

Vinegary shrub cocktail recipes are super trendy, and they’re even better when made with obscure ingredients, particularly vegetables. Because everyone likes a drink which can be pawned off as moderately healthy. Beet juice? But of course.

10. Shift Drink

There is a certain type that has a love affair with Fernet-Branca; most of the ones I know are bartenders. It’s aromatic and very herb heavy, so it’s not for the faint of heart. But mixed with a little rye whiskey and ginger syrup, you have a classic cocktail that most people will be hard pressed to turn down.

11. Dark Moon

Rum is also making a comeback, and in this recipe it’s mixed with another hipster drink of choice: cold brew. That’s right, a creamy caffeinated cocktail. Make sure you’re not drinking it before bed.

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