11 Updos for Long Hair to Keep You Looking Hot (While Staying Cool) this Summer


Cool off with these hot updos for long hair.

For those of us with long hair the dog days of summer can be pretty unbearable. Sure, it’s always possible to just throw your hair into a simple ponytail to get it up off your neck, but a ponytail is just not all that. First of all, it’s not necessarily the most professional look for the office and it’s also kind of boring. I know hair stylist friends who are not allowed to wear a ponytail to work because it’s considered the lazy man’s non-hairstyle.

In addition to the heat, many of us suffer with higher humidity too. While some are lucky enough to sport beach waves and curly curls with the added humidity, the rest of us just develop frizz that no amount of anti-frizz product can tame.

Between the heat and the humidity, summertime is definitely the time for low-maintenance updos for long hair. Just because it’s hot there’s no reason to sacrifice your style. And that’s not to mention the makeup meltdown battle that happens from the heat and humidity!

Whether your hair is shoulder or waist length here are some great how-to tutorials on updos for long hair for ending those summertime bad hair days.

11 Summertime Low-Maintenance Updos for Long Hair

  1. Messy Braid – Wear a messy braid for on trend coolness.
  2. Loose But Secure Bun – Love the look of a loose bun, but want it to be secure? Try this trick.
  3. Easy French Twist – The French twist doesn’t need to be complicated.
  4. Messy Top Knot – Pile it all on type of your head for a casual look.
  5. Waterfall Braided Bun – Try this pretty and elegant waterfall style for dressier occasions.
  6. Bouffant Bun – Pump up your bun by adding a bouffant.
  7. Messy French Twist – The French twist doesn’t need to be tame.
  8. Headband Tuck and Cover – This style doesn’t get any easier.
  9. Head Scarf How-to – Add a scarf to add instant style to a regular old pony or bun.
  10. Double Trouble Ponytail – Wear 2 ponytails to add instant volume.
  11. Bouffant Ponytail – Here’s a YouTube tutorial for a low ponytail with front bouffant.

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