The Junk Food Jones: Retraining Your Palate with 12 Real Food Alternatives

While I may strive to eat healthy, it isn’t always easy. I still have sudden cravings for Fritos or frozen pizza, as buried taste memories re-surge from my heedless junk food days. I still have my moments of devouring a bag of potato chips or a recent favorite, corn nuts, but overall, I try hard to avoid such snacks. Still, we all sometimes need a snack. Question is: what should we be snacking on?

Here are 12 real food alternatives to falling prey to the “junk food jones.” Some of these may seem high in fat, and they are, such as olives, nuts or cheese. However, the idea is quality not quantity. Enjoy the good things in life, but within reason, and you’ll find you are more than satisfied.

The trick is to keep real food snacks around, or bring them with you, so you’re not tempted with impulse buys near the register when you’re filling up at the gas station or buying office supplies. It’s all about retraining your palette and your habits.

1. Nuts: Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews

I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping a bag of roasted almonds in my bag at all times. Yum!