13 Elegant DIY Shibori Dyeing Projects for Your Home

Diy hibori dyeing for yoru and your home.

Learn the Shibori dyeing technique to decorate you and your home.

Back in high school a friend and I spent the better part of a summer listening to the Grateful Dead (I’m over that phase now) and tie-dyeing t-shirts. At least we thought we were tie-dyeing, but in fact the technique we used (in the days before the Internet, we made up our own technique) had far more in common with the ancient technique of Shibori dyeing than Western-style tie-dyeing. What did we know, we were just kids?

Fast forward so many years and I still love the design aesthetic of Shibori dyeing. For those not in the know, Shibori dyeing is the ancient Japanese art of binding and dying cloth to create patterns. Different binding tools and techniques are used to create the desired patterns. With Kumo Shibori the fabric is pleated into horn-like segments which creates something that looks a little like sand dollars. Kanoko Shibori is what is thought of as Western tie-dyeing and traditionally involves the use of thread to create radiating circular patterns. Shibori is usually monochromatic and was traditionally created with using indigo. Other colors are more commonly used today, but indigo is still the dominant color. More muted and colors that are naturally occurring are the norm.

Shibori is a wonderful option for those like the effect of tie-dyed fabrics but prefer more stylized patterns and less emphasis on bright colors. It is an elegant choice for either you or your home and is having a moment right now. Shibori is a trend in fashion and home decor for this year.

If you’d like to get the Shibori look for you or your home, try out these DIY Shibori dyeing projects.

  1. Shibori Cloth Napkins
  2. Dip-Dyed Faux Shibori Scarves
  3. Shibori Pillow Project
  4. Hibicus Dyed Cloth
  5. Shibori Shawl
  6. DIY Shibori Dress
  7. Shibori Designs 4 Ways
  8. Tumeric Dyed Pillow
  9. Komasu Shibori Scarf
  10. Shibori Placemats
  11. Shibori Stitch Resist
  12. Shibori Pole Wrapping Technique
  13. Shibori Bag Project



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