15 Ideas for Spiritual Kindling and Other Nature Crafts

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As a long time maker and lover of nature, I often find myself making art and nature crafts from treasures I find in the wild. The flotsam and jetsam of my backyard are some of most inspiring mediums to me. Pieces of bark, dried leaves, fresh mosh, stones, acorns, dried herbs, and more all call out to incorporate them into DIY and arts and crafts ideas.

Inspired by my own desire to create and companies, sites and individuals like Spiritual Kindling, Juniper Ridge, Margaret of Resurrection Fern, John Muir and so many others, I put together a list of nature-inspired DIY arts and crafts ideas that you can create to add your own brand of nature, design and spirituality to your space.

15 Ideas for Nature Crafts 

  1. Painted Pebbles – Decorate your stone collection with a paint or a sharpie.
  2. Kindling Wall Hanging – Turn kindling into a spiritual and decorative wall hanging.
  3. Tabletop Biosphere – Make and tame your own mini biosphere for a taste of nature indoors.
  4. Branch Candelabra – Decorate your next dinner party with some wild abandon.
  5. Rainbow Painted Stick Wind Chimes – Create a visual and auditory homage to nature.
  6. Painted Stick Love – Turn sticks into a lovely work of art to show that love is all that matters.
  7. Painted Stick Mobile – Let your creativity drive you to create a painted stick mobile.
  8. Stick Stars – Turn brush into celestial art to decorate your own starry night.
  9. Branch and Textile Mobile – Use a branch, yarn and other textiles that speak to you into a hanging mobile.
  10. Evergreen Paintbrushes – What a clever idea–use evergreen cuttings as paintbrushes for your next painting project.
  11. Branch Weaving – Branches can be used as a loom to create colorful textiles.
  12. Branch Wall Art/Room Divider – A practical and decorative natural touch.
  13. Flower Petal Sketches – Use flower petals in your next sketches for the ultimate in creativity.
  14. Hanging Dried Flower Art – Create a hanging “garden” with dried flowers.
  15. Garden Mandalas – Turn leaves, flowers and other natural bits into decorative mandalas.

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