21 Natural Beauty Recipes Straight From Your Summer Garden

Summertime natural beauty recipes to nourish your skin.

Cucumber, tomatoes and other produce and herbs from your summertime garden can nourish you both inside and out this summer with these natural beauty recipes.  

Not only is summer produce exceptionally beneficial to your diet, it’s also good for your beauty routine too. Using your summertime produce can move you away from your dependence on store-bought beauty products too, many of which contain really gross ingredients. And that’s not to mention that you can save some money by making your own natural beauty products from your extra produce!

I know you’ve all heard of using cucumber slices to reduce puffiness around your eyes, but there are plenty of uses for produce from your garden that you can incorporate into your beauty routine. Learn about these fruits, herbs, vegetables and even dandelions that serve double duty as food and as natural beauty products.

From facial masks and hand cream to hair rinses and lip scrubs, here are some easy homemade natural beauty recipes utilizing summertime garden plants for your beauty regime.

Natural Beauty Recipes and Uses from the Garden

  1. 4 Natural Beauty Products Growing in Your Garden
  2. Thyme and Witch Hazel Blemish Control
  3. Cold Oil Calendula Infusion and Facial Toner
  4. Dandelion Salve for Summer Stressed Skin
  5. Parsley Rosemary Hair Tonic
  6. Tomato Facial Scrub
  7. Skin Brightening Tomato  and Honey Mask
  8. Homemade Carrot Face Mask for Oily Skin
  9. Apricot and Papaya Face Scrub for Softer Skin
  10. Moisturizing Carrot Face Mask
  11. Revitalizing Sweet Pumpkin Body Scrub
  12. Nourishing Honey, Strawberry and Coconut Oil Hair Mask
  13. Cooling Cucumber Skin Toner
  14. Cucumber Sunburn Skin Soother
  15. Berry Lip Stain
  16. Moisturizing Garden Herb Bug Repelling Lotion Bars
  17. Homemade Fennel Under-Eye Toner
  18. Beet Lip and Cheek Stain
  19. Cucumber Face Wash
  20. Homemade Rose Water Toner
  21. Stimulating Mint Hair Scalp Rinse

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