These 3 Enamel Pins Will Up Your Flair and Your Mood


The least expensive and most fun fashion trend is everywhere this season.

The enamel pin trend is nothing new — people have lined their denim jackets and backpacks with pin flair for years. But this past year, the trend infiltrated mainstream culture in a big way.

Small but stylish

Pins are a great way to add personal style and a bit of fun to any piece of clothing or accessory. While backpacks and jackets are perfect homes for pins year-round, moving flair around to compliment the season is a fun way to mix things up.

During the summer, women can wear enamel pins just about anywhere, Megan duBois, blogger at, says.

Wear two or three similarly sized or themed pins to spice up a simple black sun dress. Not feeling a dress? Pin and win on the brim of a sunhat.

“More recently, I’ve been loving adding pin flair to denim shorts,” duBois adds.

Our favorite summer enamel pins

Interested in adding to your pin collection?

We think you’ll love these enamel pins.

Enamel pins, Twin Peaks
Image via BoxLunch

The trendy pin

1. BoxLunch’s “Twin Peaks” Enamel Pin

It’s happening again. “Twin Peaks” recently went “on air” again and we’ve got to say, the Double R Diner has never looked so good. If you’re craving the series’ next episode as much as your next cup of coffee, you’ll adore this “Twin Peaks” enamel pin.

BoxLunch, the site selling the pin, is a damn fine company in its own right. The curated gift and novelty online shop gives a meal to a person in need, via Feeding America, for every $10 you spend.

Enamel pins, feminism
Image via Punky Pins

The feminist pin

2. Punky Pins’ Grab Them By The Patriarchy Enamel Pin

Dear feminists: This pin is for you. This past year has been pretty rough for any person who identifies as a woman. And Punky Pins gets that. That’s why the brand recently released its Feminist Flair Collection. We love all the pins in the collection, but are especially smitten with the nod to the patriarchy’s impending extinction.

Punky Pins is based in North East England. It was founded in 2005 by Claire Whaite by happenstance when she made a few badges using a kids badge machine. The brand now collaborates will all sorts of amazing designers, bloggers, and brands.

Enamel pins, Maxine Waters
Image via Radical Dreams

The revolutionary pin

3. Radical Dreams’ Maxine Waters Enamel Pin

Ugh, American politics right now. It’s such a depressing time. But there are a few political rays of hope shining out of Washington. One of those bright beams of light is Maxine Waters, California congresswoman and general badass. That’s why we love Radical Dreams’ Maxine Waters pin that features an amazing quote: “I’m a strong black woman and I cannot be intimidated.” Priced at $10, but basically priceless.

Radical Dreams’ sells many other amazing pins, too. That’s probably because the company was founded in 2015 by a medical student who has a passion for social justice and serving her community. Shannon P., the company’s founder, opened her shop to create enamel pins that showcase black people and social statements.

Do you have a favorite pin company? If so, let us know. Because we can always find room for another pin!

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