3 Examples of What Clothes Shopping Will Look Like In The Future


Alternatives to clothes shopping are popping up to smartly satisfy what women want.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis averages each American will spend roughly $1,700 on clothes shopping each year. And, American women will spend double the national average–putting $3,400 annually towards new clothing purchases.

There is no argument against the modern closet overflowing, overstuffed and over-cluttered with too much clothing. In fact, I’ve never heard a friend say she wants more clothing. Certainly we’ve all moaned about having “nothing to wear,” but when most women only put on 20 – 30 percent of their wardrobe, it’s hard to imagine more is what we need. The general trend is advancing towards hosting a minimal, well-curated wardrobe, and some companies are tactically giving us exactly what we want.

Check out some successful alternatives to clothes shopping new below.


Bib + Tuck

Bib + Tuck is an online swapping site where you can virtually swap clothing from a well-curated community. Inside the closets of celebrities, artists, stylists, editors, bloggers, journalist, and everything in between, you can bib (meaning to give) and tuck (meaning to take). The name comes from the old English phrase, “To wear your best Bib and Tucker.”  The site’s model is based on the user being both a bibber and a tucker, but you can also buy “bucks,” the communities currency.

“I think there is a big divide between buying new and buying at a secondhand marketplace. Bib + Tuck exists to bridge that divide.” says co-founder Sari Azout.


Bag Borrow or Steal 

Ever wanted a meticulously crafted designer bag, just for a little while? The option is out there. Bag Borrow or Steal allows you to rent, or ‘borrow,’ designer handbags at a monthly rate. You can accessorize on a month to month basis, and send it back when you are done. “This is a great way to experience high fashion at a fraction of the cost,” says Bag Borrow or Steal user Deb. The site also offers a smaller, but equally curated selection of jewelry and sunglasses.


Rent The Runway

Rent a high fashion dress for that extraordinary occasion through Rent The Runway. They offer an enormous selection of evening, party, and designer dresses which you can rent on a four- or eight-day basis. Rent The Runway also encourages users to upload a photo of themselves wearing the dress. So each gown is packed with special stories from their nights-out.

featured image from Bag Borrow or Steal, images from the companies

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