4 Awkward ’80s Movie Sax Scenes to Celebrate Saxophone Day


Saxophone Day is November 6. If you don’t play the sax, you may be thinking to yourself, “well, how can I celebrate?” It’s easy. Just watch any of the following ’80s movies that feature an awkward sax scene, because they’re awkwardly awesome. 

1. “The Lost Boys”

This first of the ’80s  movies on our list is a classic that follows two brothers after they move to a new town. As they begin to get acquainted with the town’s going’s on’s, they soon begin to suspect that the town is filled with deadly vampires. Hot sax scene: A muscle-y shirtless man plays a killer sax solo at a party. Behold his talent… For rent on Amazon for as low as $2.99.

2. “Better Off Dead”

John Cusack stars in this ’80s comedy/romance. Watch as he deals with all of the stuff teen life makes you suffer through… uh, I mean offers. Hot sax scene: Cusack serenades his date with a sax solo. Streaming on YouTube.

3. “St. Elmo’s Fire”

This mid-1980s film follows a group of friends, post-college as they try to navigate adulthood. The keyword here is “try.” Hot sax scene: Rob Lowe enthusiastically plays a sax. Rarr. Streaming on Crackle.

mad max

4. “Mad Max”

Technically not an ’80s movie (it was released in 1979), we still think it counts. Ever wonder what a post-apocalyptic world would look like? If you tune into “Mad Max,” you can wonder no more. This film follows a man who is just trying to maintain the law against a bunch of murderous hoodlums. Max faces a big fight, but he’s got the wherewithal to make it. Hot sax scene: Max’s wife, Jessie, serenades Max with a steamy sax solo. Sorry: No video footage could be found, but it’s streaming on Netflix.

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