4 Single Ladies Valentine’s Day Party Ideas


Valentine’s Day is coming and you don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate love. Better yet, you can join in the festivities honoring the opposite sentiments – out of love, not in love or never in love– with a Valentine’s Day party for single people.

So instead of spending the occasion alone, forlorn and wishing you had a significant other, enjoy a Valentine’s Day party with friends and other singles to make it a holiday to remember. Here are 4 single lady party ideas that both celebrate the single life and encourage putting yourself out there for love.

1. Slumber Party

No, you’re not too old for this. In fact, slumber parties can be far more fun in adulthood. Deliver Valentine’s Day cards to your closest girlfriends – the more the merrier – and cordially invite them to your house for a slumber party to celebrate the best and most lasting love of all – friendship! Plan ahead with fun games, DIY spa treatments and entertainment so that you and your girlfriends can gossip, laugh and jump around all night long, just like the old days!

2. Make Dinner Together

For better or worse, nothing replaces love quite like food, and lots of it for that matter. Invite your friends over and prepare a natural aphrodisiac-inspired meal, followed by a chocolate-based dessert that will satisfy your hunger and fill the emotional space where a significant other would otherwise be.

3. Matchmaker Fondue Party

Celebrating the single life is fun and all, but it’s also quite the thrill to meet new singles. Invite all the singles you know – male and female – to your house for a fondue party that acts as a great icebreaker. Create a big batch of fondue and sit around a table (with wine in tow), enjoying the fondue whilst adhering to fondue party rules:

  • If a woman drops her bread in the fondue pot, she has to kiss every man at the table.
  • If a man drops his bread in the fondue pot, he has to buy a bottle of wine for everyone at the table.
  • If someone drops two pieces of bread in the pot, he or she has to plan the next fondue party.

4. Dig up Old Dirt

For those of you who are fresh out of a relationship or still cling to a relationship from the past, this Valentine’s Day can mark a time of letting go. Ask friends to bring a relic of their past relationship(s) – a letter, a piece of jewelry or a shirt, among many things – to your house in order to destroy said items in whatever fashion you decide on. Take turns talking about the objects each person brings, what they signify about your past relationships and what destroying it means. Then, do the dirty and let go of the past.

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