5 On-Trend Ripped Jeans Guaranteed to Turn Heads: Friday Finds

Cute ripped jeans are so on trend.

Ripped jeans: every ‘90s girl’s dream and every ‘90s parents’ nightmare. 

Well, former ‘90s girls—it’s time to rehash that old trend because ripped jeans are in again.

We’ve rounded up five pairs of cute ripped jeans you can rock on your day off or night out.

Cute ripped jeans with patches are fun.

1) Vintage patch ripped jeans

If you love DIY-looking garments and vintage everything, you’ll love these seemingly cobbled together jeans. These jeans are really ripped up and give off that devil-may-care look that great ripped jeans do. And we all know that patched patterns—even well-made ones—often look worn and snagged, and get a few stylish rips as they become worn in. This pair of jeans has a boyfriend fit and also features embroidery detailing. Priced at $199.95.

Cute ripped jeans that are vintage are great.

2) Destroyed vintage ripped jeans

Okay, so, you want to skip the whole patchwork vintage look and jump straight to the totally destroyed, but oh-so-fashionable look? Then you need to check out these jeans. The name of this denim explains it all. And although these pants are, yes, “destroyed,” they also are effortlessly worn in. Wear these ripped jeans with an oversized sweater and vegan boots to any autumn cookout. Priced at $268.

Cute ripped jeans come in skinny cuts.

3) Skinny ripped jeans

The rips in these denim pants are unique—while they look totally chaotic, they also look… planned? Fashionable? We’re not sure how to describe the look, but we know we like it. These jeans feature a mid-rise fit and stretchy fabric. Wear with a fitted turtleneck, bomber jacket and booties. Priced at $255.

Cute ripped jeans? Try cute ripped skirts!

4) Frayed, ripped jeans

If you adore denim that features frayed ankles and a shorter fit in the leg, snatch these ripped jeans up before they sell out. These pants feature all the previously mentioned denim effects, as well as classic ripped-out knees. Wear with cowboy boots, an oversized flannel shirt and a beanie to an autumn Netflix and chill session. Priced at $228.

Cute ripped jeans with a short cut.

5) Ripped denim skirt

Not jeans, but still… This ripped denim skirt is just as cute as any pair of ripped denim pants if not cuter. Just think: You could wear this skirt with tights, knee-high socks, leg warmers… the list goes on. It features distressed, vintage denim and raw hem. Priced at $129.95.

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