DIY: 10 Ways to Remake Your Pants For Fall

Ten clever, easy DIY ways to remake your pants for fall.

I was in NYC the other day, and for the first time in what seems like forever I was actually cold. This means two things: fall is definitely on its way and shorts are once again to be replaced with pants. The good news is that there are so many great styles of pants that are on trend for fall. But, instead of buying new ones, revamp the ones you already have with these 10 easy-to-do DIY projects.

Palazzo Pants
Wide-leg, printed palazzo pants are probably one of fall’s absolute biggest trends. They are as easy-breezy to make as they are to wear. This gorgeous pair by a pair and a spare look like they came straight off the runway. I’ll be making a few pairs of these in different prints immediately.

Color-blocked Pants
Color-blocking is still going strong this fall, and you can easily turn a pair of ho-hum chinos into a cheerful fashion statement with little more than fabric paint and tape. HonestlyWTF will show you the way.

Tuxedo Pants
Suddenly, tuxedo pants are seen everywhere, and they are super simple to make at home. Check out this tutorial by Henry Happened to find out how you can make yours. We’d make them in black and white and love that they can be dressy if worn with a sheer blouse or sporty if worn with a simple T-shirt.

Lace-Embellished Jeans
Lace seemed to pop up in the collections of many designers this season, mainly used as an embellishment. When paired with unexpected materials, such as denim, it creates a contrast that feels fresh and very on trend. This pair of lace-embellished jeans by a pair and a spare were inspired by Jason Wu’s Fall 11 collection and will certainly give you the look for less.

Distressed Denim
At fashion weeks around the world, fashionistas were wearing denim that wasn’t just a little bit distressed but completely shredded to bits. If you want this look to happen naturally, it would probably take a few years. In this tutorial, Swellmaybe and UniqueLA show us a simple way to achieve the look, DIY style.

Tie-Dye Leggings
Nope, we are in no way over tie-dye just yet, and the fact that it’s such an easy and fun way to transform any kind of garment just fuels our fascination. This tutorial by designer (and tie-dye expert) Shabd Simon-Alexander for Martha Stewart gives you an almost floral print, which feels very current for fall and will work long into spring and summer.

Silk Scarf Trousers
These below the knee shorts can be made from one single scarf (which you can find tons of in almost any thrift store), and the larger the scarf the longer your trousers can be. This tutorial by Park & Cube shows you how easy this is to do, but make sure to follow their advice to measure twice, cut once.

Studded Denim
Sometimes it’s those small, simple details that can really make a garment go from something that just lingers in your closet to something you wear every day. This simple, clever tutorial by Swellmayde shows you how to revamp a pair of existing jeans using metal studs. We love that they are both tough and sweet at the same time.

Fringe Pockets
Embellishment is a huge trend this fall, and the good news is that it’s very simple to do yourself. Putting fringe on the pockets of your jeans takes them from ordinary to fun in a pinch. It also plays well with fall’s western trend. I remember doing this to a pair of jeans when I was about ten years old, so it’s very simple. Check out this tutorial by Fashionista New York Girl to find out how. Just use a pair of pants instead of shorts and it’s perfect for fall.

Pajama Pants
Who would have thought we would ever consider wearing pajama pants outside of the house, and with heels nonetheless. Luckily for all of us, this comfy bedroom-staple has made it’s runway debut and taken it to the streets. This tutorial by ducky house shows you how to make a pair from old sheets. We think they would look great in a dark silk fabric or white cotton, with contrasting neon lace for the cuffs.


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