5 Folk-Fashion-Inspired Looks for Fall: Friday Finds

5 Folk-Fashion-Inspired Looks for Fall: Friday Finds
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Folk fashion runs deeper than its aesthetic. As a craft focused on handmade clothing, the focus on sustainability is something we can all benefit from.

“Like it or not, we are all engaged in the fashion system,” says Amy Twigger Holroyd, author of “Folk Fashion: Understanding Homemade Clothes.” And she’s not wrong. If you aren’t a round-the-clock nudist, then we all participate in the fashion arena, but it’s how we spend our time there that matters most. Her in-depth research into folk fashion revealed a not-so-surprising dichotomy between fast fashion of today and the craft-conscious techniques of decades past. However, there are hints of a handmade and homemade clothing resurgence, it’s the staying power of it all that’s uncertain. While you may never take up sewing, knitting, or crocheting yourself, you still have the power to shop consciously. The clothes we’ve chosen for you today have a folk-inspired look, with plenty of embroidery, ethnic touches, and handmade appeal, but more than just the aesthetic, these clothes are seasonally timeless and made to last.

1. Vintage Navy Caftan

5 Folk Fashion-Inspired Pieces for Fall: Friday Finds

Authentically vintage from the 1970s, this navy blue folk-inspired caftan is in excellent (mint) condition and embodies the idea of the sustainable element of handcrafted folk clothing. Great for fall, this piece can be layered by placing a long sleeve top beneath, wearing it with tights, pairing with ankle boots, draping a chunky cardigan over top, by belting the waist, and a host of other ways. We’re also really loving the styling inspiration from the image. Coupling this caftan with a wide-brim hat and your favorite necklaces is a great idea! Priced at $68

2. Chevron Stripe Kimono

5 Folk Fashion-Inspired Pieces for Fall: Friday Finds

Kimonos are great closet staple pieces, especially when you want to save time and head out the door quickly while still looking stylish. This particular kimono features a neutral black and off-white color scheme with a tribal pattern that’s perfect for wearing with much of what you already own. A black sweater, dark skinny jeans, and black boots are one possible combination. A cool graphic tee, comfy leggings, and knee-high boots are another. Layering with this pieces is a definite and it will instantly transform a basic top into something fashion-forward. Priced at $118.

3. Ethnic Embellished Joggers

5 Folk Fashion-Inspired Pieces for Fall: Friday Finds

The perfect comfy pants to dress up or down, these joggers will definitely be at the top of your wish list and perfect for wearing to Thanksgiving dinner, because two words: elastic waistband. What’s also great, aside from the awesome folk print and luxuriously comfortable design, is that these are highly likely to become a pair of pants you’ll reach for again and again, regardless of the season. Great for accommodating those food babies around holiday time, and perfect for an evening walk on the beach, there are so many ways and reasons to wear these. Priced at $148.

4. Floral Denim Shirt

5 Folk Fashion-Inspired Pieces for Fall: Friday Finds

A great year-round top, this denim shirt has added detail to set it apart from the typical chambray shirt. The floral embroidery, relaxed fit, and cut-off hem give it a vintage, lived-in vibe that’s perfect for creating an effortlessly stylish look. Pair with jeans for a denim-on-denim ensemble, or with other pieces, like skirts, colored jeans, leggings, and more. Definitely great for layering and awesome with boots, this is an autumn staple piece for sure. Priced at $98.

5. Embroidered Midi Dress

5 Folk Fashion-Inspired Pieces for Fall: Friday Finds

Delicate, detailed, and inspired by folk fashion, this fit-and-flare midi is one you can wear nearly year-round. Great for layering, this dress will work well with fall pieces, like bomber jackets, coats, cardigans, leggings, jeans, scarves, and boots. Pile on the warmth when the weather turns chilly, then peel them away in the spring and summer, and wear this dress solo with your favorite sandals. Other styling recommendations include: belting the waist, pairing with a trendy wide-brim hat, and layering this dress over a fitted long sleeve top for a 90s-meets-folk look. Priced at $98.

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