5 Fresh Ways To Bring Spring Indoors

spring daffodil

“sweet spring is your time, is my time is our time, for springtime is lovetime and viva sweet love.” -e.e. cummings

The passing of the equinox and changing of the clocks can only mean one thing: Spring is on it’s way. No matter how many inches of snow may linger on the ground, the calendar tells us that sunshine and sweet breezes are just around the corner.

The first order of business on an early spring day is to throw open all the windows and allow the soft breeze to scrub winter’s stuffiness from every room. But then what?

If you’re eager to welcome spring indoors, here are five fresh, colorful ideas that will brighten your home (even if the weather outside isn’t cooperating. Yet.)

serpent sea door mat

1. Floors

Heavy rugs and carpeting are great, low-effort ways to keep your home warm during the winter, but all that weight is cumbersome in warmer seasons. If you’ve got hardwood floors, removing rugs can be an easy way to achieve a lighter, fresher look (and you can sweep instead of vacuuming!). For high traffic areas, think about replacing large carpets with smaller areas rugs that feature bright colors and festive patterns, like the handmade, upcycled Serpent Sea rug (pictured above).

spring wall art

2. Walls

Don’t see spring when you look out the window? Well hang it on the wall instead! Photographs of trees and flowers in bloom, paintings with pastel colors, or a come-hither-spring print like this one from Katie Daisy are perfect ways to infuse your living space with a brighter feel.

woolly pocket

3. Kitchen

Absolutely nothing will get you in the springtime mood like growing something. Wooly Pockets (pictured above) are lightweight, flexible, breathable, modular gardening containers designed to hang on the wall. Made in the USA using recycled plastic bottles, these planters create an instantly lush vertical garden and allow your family to experience the magical fun of plants in any environment. Fill one with herbs and hang it in your kitchen for a touch of green and yummier meals. And if you’re feeling really creative, try this DIY mason jar wall garden from model Summer Rayne Oakes.

spring bedroom

4. Bedroom

Still sleeping under heavy winter quilts and blankets? Think about switching out your dark winter bed clothes for something a bit lighter and brighter. While you’re at it, think about changing lampshades and curtains as well. Look for more delicate colors and textiles, like organic cotton, that disperse light around the room instead of blocking it. For a quick fix, spread a bright table cloth over a dark colored night stand and top off with a vase of spring flowers.

spring couch

5. Living Room

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have two sets of furniture, one for fall/winter and one for spring/summer? In real life this would be neither sustainable nor practical, but boy wouldn’t it keep us from being bored with our decor! Here’s the next best thing: find or make bright colored accent pillows for couches and armchairs. Want to go bigger? Consider a light-colored slipcover for an especially dark piece of furniture (easy to change and it will help keep the upholstery looking like new). Recycle an old decorating trick by filling interestingly-shaped glass bottles with water and food coloring, and setting them on a windowsill to catch the light. Scour thrift stores for pastel-colored tea cups and saucers, and use them as accent pieces on mantle or bookshelves.

How do you bring spring indoors? Share your ideas in a comment!

Images: promanex| serpent sea | cassia beckjingdianjiaju2 | theladyJdesigns