5 Tips to Become an Avid Reader

5 Tips to Become an Avid Reader

We all want to be avid readers. Successful people throughout history have seen the world through books first. Reading expands vocabulary and knowledge and it makes you a better writer.

Some people are born to read and that’s really all they want to do. My mom used to read books in the same room while my dad watched television. She’s a retired librarian that still loves the look, feel, and read of a book more than just about anything. But for the rest of us, here are some tips to get you started as an avid reader.

1. Turn off the television at night.

The television can lure you in at night when you’re tired and the thought of focusing seems intimidating. But nightly screen time actually keeps you up and it’s inactive enough that you don’t realize how tired you are. Reading, on the other hand, is a great way to unwind after a long day. At least a few nights a week, consider reading instead of watching television.

2. Read on the go.

If your morning commute involves a bus, train, or carpool bring a book along. It’s a relaxing way to start your morning or de-stress after a long day. And you’ll be amazed how much extra reading time it adds to your day.

3. Allow fun reads.

Alternate between fun reads and denser choices. You don’t always have to choose super heavy, daunting reads. Lighter, fun reads aren’t just made for the beach. Reading what you love will keep you reading. It has to be something that you look forward to or you won’t want to do it. Don’t be a book snob.

4. Hit the library.

Books can be expensive and over time you can end up spending quite a bit of dough on books. But luckily, libraries not only provide a venue for reading, but they allow access to a wide assortment of books that you don’t have to invest in. If you want to explore a particular subject, you can check out a wide variety of books on the subject without blowing a bunch of cash.

5. Join a book club.

Book clubs are a great way to be social and find more time to read. Book clubs also allow you to explore subjects that you might not normally explore. You’re also forced to actually read the book because they’re usually discussed at the meeting. Plus it’s a laid back atmosphere where you get to hear how others reading the book interpret it. If there’s no book club in your area to join, consider starting your own. Gather some friends, have friends bring an appetizer, pop a bottle or two of wine, and you’re all set. Choose books by coming up with a list of books and having your book club members vote on them.

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