5 Ways to Mix and Match Floral Patterns This Spring: Friday Finds

Mixed floral patterns are perfect for spring.

The crocuses are out early in Kansas and that means that spring is basically here. While I think we all would rather look at flowers in the ground or a vase, that’s not always possible. The following outfits will allow you to enjoy floral patterns where ever you go. So, here we go: 5 ways to mix and match floral patterns.

Floral patterns, rain

Floral patterns, coat

1. Floral Umbrella and Vibrant Flower-Print Coat

Spring showers do bring flowers, so we think it’s appropriate to include a floral trench coat and an umbrella in this post. This vivid coat is priced at $47.99 and features flowers that will make you dream of steamy, summer months. And you’ll feel anything but dreary when using this umbrella during a spring rainstorm. Priced at $34.

Floral patterns, dress

Floral patterns, shoe

2. Floral Platforms and Mini Dress

This combo is classic — because who doesn’t love a flirty floral dress and platforms. This “all over floral” pattern features ruffles and a mini fit. Priced at $168. Sure, ballet flats would look cute with this dress, but sometimes you want to bypass cute and go straight to smokin’. Get to that level of self-love in seconds by strapping on this pair of floral platforms. Priced at $129.95.

Floral pattern, swim

Floral pattern, scarf

3. Floral One-Piece and Scarf

Everyone needs a scarf to wear with their bathing suit this season. This summer scarf can keep your shoulders warm on cool nights, or keep your sea-soaked hair back. Priced at $34. And we love this suit because it’s an incredibly sexy one-piece. Sure, you may not be able to play volleyball in this suit, but you sure will be able to strut your stuff. Priced at $168.

Floral pattern, clutch

Floral pattern, dress

4. Maxi Dress with Clutch

We couldn’t get through this post without including one long, flowing, floral piece — after all, it’s a classic! The Floral Fields dress is on sale for $79.95. This piece is perfect for spring days that start cold and end warm. And now that you’ve saved all that cash by getting a dress that’s on sale, you can get this $198 clutch.

Floral patterns, earring

Floral pattern, necklace

5. Floral Earrings and Necklace

Sometimes all you need is a floral pattern that’s simple — and that’s when you can turn to delicate, flower embellished jewelry. These two pieces are beautiful but subtle. The earnings are priced at $48 and the pressed floral necklace is priced at $159.95.

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