6 Bohemian Decor Furniture Solutions for the Offbeat Home

Bohemian home furniture for your creative space.

Have you always dreamed of turning your space into the perfect oasis filled with bohemian decor, but don’t know where to start?

Furniture pieces are the bones of home decorating. And once you have a good foundation, then you can work your way up by adding decorative flourishes–like poufs, tapestries, macremè, baskets, textiles, and more–that make up a bohemian home.

While it can be easy for many free spirits to decorate their spaces with art, found objects, textiles, and other bohemian home appointments, choosing good, quality furniture pieces is a somewhat daunting task. If you’re not careful, your bohemian space might come off more like a thrift shop than a living space. To clarify, there is a tendency to create a boho-chic space that looks “thrown” together.  But, it is possible to create a bohemian space that is carefully curated full of delicious furniture pieces. There seems to be a misconception out there that a creative space must look haphazard. While that may be true if that’s how your creativity speaks to you, some creatives like a more ordered bohemian chaos. And furniture is the place to start. We offer you some inspiration below.

Bohemian Decor Furniture Inspiration

Bohemian home furniture for your creative space.

1. Retro Accent Chair

This perfect patchwork chair is greater than the sum of its parts. The combination of retro and modern is sublime. It is also the ultimate chair just made for a reading nook.

Bohemian home furniture for your creative space.

2. Z Chair

And if you are looking for a chair that is more of a foundation for all the print and pattern you plan on adding, start with something more basic like this modern-inspired and comfort-driven chair. Do go for a bold or bright color, though.

Bohemian home furniture for your creative space.

3. Velvet Sofa

One thing we are certain of is that you absolutely need  a velvet sofa. No other sofa says “boho” quite like velvet. This one is available in 19 different colorways from scarlet to forest. Love.

Bohemian home furniture for your creative space.

4. Marble Topped Coffee Table

A coffee table is a must in a boho space, and we love this communal marble-topped version. The round shape and mix of wood and marble make it both inviting yet elegant and chic.


Bohemian home furniture for your creative space.

5. Bar Cart

Looking for someplace to tuck away everything from plates, bottles of booze, or back issues of National Geographic, this rattan bar cart is just eclectic enough to fit into a boho space.

Bohemian home furniture for your creative space.

6. Console Table

Whether you use it on which to place your television or collection of vintage blue glass, a console table is a useful foundational furniture item. We love this oak slab version made using reclaimed wood from local sources.

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