9 Creative Solutions to Display Your Collections Like a Boss

Celver ways to display your collections.

Cleverly display your collections with these simple ideas that will show off your most prized possessions.

Whether you collect antiques, vinyl records, or vintage Star Wars toys, it’s a given that you are proud of your collection and want to show it off. While some kinds of collectibles need to be kept in their original packaging and are not suitable for display, most of the things we collect are intended to be put on display and not hidden away in the closet.

But it can be difficult to come up with clever ways to incorporate your collections into your home decor. Some collections have inherent display challenges–your items are too small, too big, or too unwieldy–but no matter what you collect, we think there is a way to fit it into your home decor. From guitar picks to vintage teacups, don’t hide your collection away, display it proudly.

Here are some creative solutions for how to display various types of collections.

Display Your Collections Cleverly

  1. Frame It – Turn those postcards or vintage sports banners into framed works of art. Curate small items together in one large frame or frames larger items on their own. Framing can also have the bonus of preserving your collections.
  2. Picture Frame Hanger – Use repurposed distressed frames and small nails to hang and display everything from vintage necklaces to holiday ornaments.
  3. Gallery Wall – If you collect colorful plates, tea trays, or illustration prints, create a stunning gallery wall to show off your pieces. Not only does it highlight your collection, but it creates a very cool effect.
  4. Shelve It – For breakable collections that you want to display, but keep out of reach, consider adding a shelf all the way around the room just below the ceiling. Of course, adjust the height according to your collection.
  5. Create Vignettes – Don’t be afraid to mix and match your collections to create vignettes around you home. For example, display your owl figurines on a table with framed floral and feather prints on the wall above the table.
  6. Birdcage Storage – Use vintage tabletop birdcages to display and store your knick-knack collections. Not only is it a smart idea, but it also has the added benefit of keeping your collection items from getting swiped onto the floor.
  7. Type Cabinets – If you are lucky enough to find an old typesetter’s cabinet, snap it up. They are perfect for hanging on the wall and displaying tiny collectibles.
  8. Use Other Unexpected Containers  – Repurpose and use other unexpected display props. Display vintage Nancy Drew books in an old suitcase, store marbles in a fishbowl, or Pez dispensers in apothecary jars.
  9. Hang From the Ceiling – Depending on what you collect, consider hanging your collection items on invisible fishing wire from the ceiling to make it appear as if your collection is suspended in the air. This technique would work perfectly for everything from globes and retro thermoses to driftwood and stuffed animals.

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