9 Simply Divine Faux Feathers Ideas for You & Your Space

Get crafy with faux feathers.

Get your craft on with these socially acceptable craft projects using faux feathers.

Everyone loves a cool feather headdress (at least some of the Coachella attendees do) or a feathered dreamcatcher to hang on the wall, but appropriating culture and using real feathers isn’t actually cool. But don’t worry, it’s possible to get in on the trend and show your love for birds and their lovely plummage without actually ruffling any feathers. Pay homage to the natural world without doing any harm.

9 Projects to Adorn You & Your Space with Faux Feathers

  1. Fabric Feather Mobile – Turn a boring corner of your home into a feathery delight by adding a pretty feather-like mobile. You can create feathers from paper or fabric, like in this project. Use twill fabric, felt, repurposed leather scraps, or any kind of fabric to suit your decor.
  2. Feather Lampshade – Make a luxe faux feather lampshade to kick things up a notch, but without spending a lot of dough. This easy project turns a plain lampshade into a luxurious shade. Come up with your own twist to match your style.
  3. Dipped Feather Earrings – Decorate yourself in feathers by making your own faux feather earrings. Use vinyl or leather to make drop earrings like in this project. You can dip dye them in gold for extra points too.
  4. Paper Feather Wreath – Dress up your front door by crafting a pretty feathered wreath with this simple project that even includes a feather template if you aren’t so sure of your sketching skills.
  5. Feather Topped Cupcakes – Make feathers so good that you could eat them–literally. Learn how to make edible fondant cupcake toppers in the shape of feathers for your next baking project.
  6. Painted Fabric Feather Pendant – Adorn yourself with feathers by making your own faux feather pendant necklace with this how-to from artist Alisa Burke.
  7. Stained Glass Feather Suncatcher – And for those who want to get a little more adventurous, try making your own faux feather glass suncatchers. This tutorial guides you right through the complete process.
  8. Faux Feather Dreamcatcher – And to keep the bad dreams away, make your own vegan dreamcatcher using vegan suede, felt feathers, beads, and other fun additions.
  9. Faux Feather Canvas Wall Art – Add some feathered wall art to your space by following the steps in this easy tutorial. It calls for making a relief painting wall art with spray paint and fake feathers.

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Image: Bird Feathers Print from Printlandia

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