6 DIY Lamp and Lighting Ideas to Light Up Your Life, Naturally

Light Up Your Life: 6 DIY Lamp and Lighting Ideas

Living in the modern age, it would be difficult to imagine a life without lighting and electricity, even when it comes to choosing more eco-friendly materials and low consumption options. Fortunately, we’ve gathered some of our favorite ways to add some pizzazz to your digs with a few DIY lamp and lighting ideas that will have your ambiance on point just by using some of the more common items around your home to get you started.

Who doesn’t love good DIY project every now and then? When they inspire creativity and give you the warm fuzzies because you feel like you just conquered the world, well, that’s like icing on the cake. So whether you don’t think you have an artistic bone in your body, or you think you embody everything that is artistic, we’ve got some DIY lamp and lighting ideas for you!

1. Bottled Up

This is a no-drill approach to lighting up leftover bottles and glassware and requires zero DIY skills. The LED stopper is designed specifically for use with bottles and is USB powered. This little cork can quickly turn up a party or your everyday interior for 3 hours at a time on a 1 hour charge. Just place this cork-like light inside the opening of narrow necked bottles and you’ll have an instant light source. It looks great with colored glass. Check it out here.

2. String Along

If you’d prefer a drill-free bottle-to-lamp string light experience with minimal effort, then the Light My Bottle mini stick connected string lights are must-haves. For a simple conversion just slip the string lights into the bottle of your choice (9 inches or taller) followed by the battery compartment that fits perfectly into the neck. It even has a little on/off pushbutton at the top for easy lighting control. Check it out here.

3. Made in the Shade

No one likes a boring lamp shade, especially when minimalism may not be what you’re aiming for. To jazz one up in a jiffy, you just need a few materials. These are for the moderate DIYers with some confidence in their craft skills. Extra yarn or jute makes great shade wrapping material. With your trusty hot glue gun and about an hour’s worth of time, you can stack this string around the lamp shade for a colorful or earthy finish. Ribbon and hem tape are another dynamic duo that look great on a plain lamp shade. Add a cool new finial to finish it off. Check out the three tutorials here, here, and here.

4. Book Worm

For the avid reader and craft maven, the stacked book lamp made from scratch is a project after your own heart. With a nice stack of books, drill, lamp kit, shade, and a bulb (well, duh) you can create a custom lamp of your very own. Mark the books, drill your holes, and tread the conversion kit through (follow the directions given). Top it off with a nice shade and you’re set. Check out the beautiful example and tutorial here.

5. Go Global

Who wouldn’t like to show off their affinity for globetrotting, or at least the lust for life with a pair of unique pendant lights made from an old globe? You can opt to either hire an electrician to then install your new creation if you choose a pendant light kit – or – you can select a plug in cord kit instead. Separate your worldly find into two hemispheres, add the kits, hang, and you’re done. There is a great tutorial and finished project display here. Decoupage a shade with your favorite map for a quick and easy lamp revamp.

6. Paint that Pops

Let’s not forget possibly one of the simplest ways to transform a lamp, especially one that’s already assembled, and that’s a good coat of paint. From the shade to the lamp, paint can almost instantaneously update your light source. Whether you’re going for something feminine and geometric, like this chic pink and gold lamp found here, or a bold approach like lamp number three found on this tutorial here, it’s nice to appreciate the power of paint.

With a little inspiration from our DIY lamp and lighting ideas, you’re closer to creating some super cool fixtures for around your home or office. What did you think of our ideas? Any of these lighting ideas on your must-try list? Share your thoughts and your DIY project photos with us on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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